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<mark>Apicius</mark>Apicius   02.10.2014 | Perfumes & Brands

Dsquared² fragrances

...No, I haven't yet.Generally, the gent's colognes of DSquared are woody in a puristic way. All of them are recommendable.

Let's talk musk - any suggestions?

...Musk can be nearly everything. While the chemical structure of musky ingredients seems to be similar, the fragrance is not.I am not so fond of dominating white musk notes with their powdery and creamy facets. I'd go for a more animalic musk style.If it has to be a cheaper musk fragrance, I'd recommend ordering some Musc Oil by Harry Lehmann
Lillie Rubin - Lillie Rubin
<mark>Apicius</mark>Apicius   20.09.2014 | Perfumes & Brands

Lillie Rubin


Help someone fall in love with me

...Esoada, I don't know enough ladie's fragrances to vote for a fragrance from your collection or even your wish list.But for what you are up to I think you should have a high class animalic musk in store: "Musc / Muskiris"
<mark>Apicius</mark>Apicius   01.08.2014 | Miscellaneous

The Parfumo Travel Guide!

France - Lorraine
...I have a tip for you if you should travel to the Lorraine region in France. In Rozelieures there is the Maison de la Mirabeille, a family business who mainly produce mirabelle plum eau de vie. They also offer 3 perfumes. The fragrances are produced in Grasse and focus on the mirabelle plum. Here are the opening times.The perfumes come under the brand name "Anne-Marie Grallet".
Art Collection - Rouge N°2 - M. Micallef
<mark>Apicius</mark>Apicius   20.07.2014 | Perfumes & Brands

M. Micallef Perfumes

...Micallef is a remarkable brand, their perfumer Mr. Astier is very gifted.Their style is a bit on the oriental and slightly opulent side, and many of Mr. Astier's creations contain a noticeable patchouli.From the Art Collection series, I own the No. 203. I have to admit it is a bit too opulent for me to serve as an everyday perfume. There were only few occasions that I have worn this frag.
<mark>Apicius</mark>Apicius   13.07.2014 | Miscellaneous

What are you waiting for in the mail right now?

...Nothing at the moment, but yesterday I received a bunch of perfume samples by our fellow Parfumo user E99EsAns. He has his own little brand and a shop in Nuremberg, Germany, where he creates his own perfumes. An online shop is still being planned: are currently adding his perfumes to the database.His origins seems to be in an Arab country, and from the first sniff, so is his perfumery. I will write one or the other review soon.An Arab perfume shop with its own perfumer - another sight for Nuremberg!
<mark>Apicius</mark>Apicius   09.06.2014 | Miscellaneous

EU amendment to sharpen restrictions on fragrance allergens

...The blog article of Sonomascent refers to this article:, something leaked out in advance before the publication of the consultation results. "The consultation triggered more than 200 responses from industry players, consumers' associations and researchers, which the EU said was a relatively high number."Consumers associations can only mean us - probably the first time that "consumers associations" were taken into account. I hope this information should prove valid in the near futureIt looks our engagement was not in vain!
Vétiver de Frédéric - Frédéric Haldimann

So many great vetivers...

Guerlain vintage
...I could not resist! I spent 260 € on a 200 ml splash bottle of Guerlain's vintage Vetiver EdT on ebay.As I could have forseen, it is quite rotten. I get a slight whiff of the old Vetiver during the first seconds after application, then some spice and leather take over with vetiver notes stepping aside. After an hour or so, some Vetiver comes back, but something else is missing, maybe the mossy side it once had? The vibe of the vintage does not fully break through, and longevity is reduced to about 3 hours,A nice bottle for the shelf, though.
<mark>Apicius</mark>Apicius   01.04.2014 | Miscellaneous

EU amendment to sharpen restrictions on fragrance allergens

...MiaTrost:Dear Parfumos,The texts for petition and public consultation are finalised and Don is currently finishing the petition functionality. We intent to initially run the petition internally for a few days, i.e. in this forum, before going public, so as to test the functionality with your help.Also, we still haven't got a catchy header, some clever, tongue-in-cheek phrase to attract attention. Your suggestions, if you happen to have an idea, would be very welcome. :D"A perfume without scent is like a picture without colour"
<mark>Apicius</mark>Apicius   30.03.2014 | Miscellaneous

Scents From Hell - The Most Beautific Perfumes

...Triffid:"Dahn Oudh Al Shams" by Ajmal. This is 'real' oud not the westernised imitation of which I am a fan. The sample was passed around from Apicius to Scarletting to me. This one was a total scrubber. I don't mind animalic, barnyard, fresh manure or petrochemical type smells but this was like straight up faecal matter. It didn't seem so bad the first time I tried, more barnyard medicinal, but I had a bad cold and applied only a whisper.Nice to see that my sample is till being passed around :)
<mark>Apicius</mark>Apicius   28.03.2014 | Parfumo Research

Parfumo Received Written Warning

...Sorceress:So if I understand this correctly: Someone else says they own the copyright to "S". The person who is currently marketing "S" never copyrighted it, (their mistake), so are they now pulling their products from the shelves? Or re-naming them? Because if someone else says they own the name, why would someone want to continue marketing a product under a name that they don't own?That is correct.However, I have no information that the S-brand will withdraw all of their perfumes from the shops. Presumably this issue might go to court with good chances to win for S*** but this is only hearsay.
<mark>Apicius</mark>Apicius   28.03.2014 | Parfumo Research

Parfumo Received Written Warning

Re: I predict business failure for this company
...Sherapop:Sorceress:Seems ridiculous that Parfumo cannot use their name. In a way , it's free advertising for them on your site. Now, no one knows what it is if they happened upon it. It's really their loss. And it's a shame that Parfumo will have to pay out money for this, too.This is just crazy. They get free advertising and increased web presence from Parfumo! What company doesn't want that???? :shock:No, this is not what the alleged copy right owner intend in such a case. It is simply a way to make money, and some law firms have specialized in that kind of business. I doubt that this lady from China will ever successfully roll out her products over here.Don has contact to the lawyer of the S-brand who now hopefully take every effort to get out of that situation. In case they should win we can probably restore that brand name.Once again: it is not the S-brand who have complained about their name being used on Parfumo. It is a third party wo claims to be the copyright owner of that brand name.

Your favourite lavender fragrance

Re: Your favourite lavender fragrance
...Sleuth:Hi, could you suggest a good lavender fragrance for me? Preferably a fresh one that's good for spring, and not a heavy fougère. (I already know Platinum Égoïste, Pour un Homme, L'Occitan p.Homme, Eldo Antiheros, Rive Gauche and the one from Prada)Sleuth, this is a difficult question. One of my prefered lavender fragrances is "Oxford & Cambridge" but this is definitely a heavy fougère. I think a good and fresh lavender perfume is yet to come.The problem ist that ever since the success of Caron's "Pour un Homme" in 1949 the "serious" lavender perfumes follow the trail of combining lavender with vanilla (i.e. Nicolaï's "New York" or Odori's "Spigo"). A variation is the combination is lavender plus other oriental notes like tonka (Social Creature's "Utopian"). I particularly like Utopian but I would not call it fresh.Then there are Serge Luten's "Gris Claire" and d'Orsay's "Arôme 3" which are a bit on the unisex side. Arôme 3 may be called fresh but it is very soft and tender.Maybe Villoresi's "Wild Lavender" is the fragrance for you. It combines lavender wit a fresh laundry musk.Actually, my advice would be to try a plain and simple lavender water as you can get it from traditional English brands as Geo F.Trumper, D.R. Harris or Taylor of Old Bond Street.
<mark>Apicius</mark>Apicius   21.03.2014 | Parfumo Research

Parfumo Received Written Warning

...Tar:I am really sorry that something like that could happen. Is not a good news for them, that a lot of people descry their fragrances just here? It is a good free advertising! :shock:Well the people from S***** did not protect their brand name in time by getting it registered. Now, some person in China claims to be the owner of that brand name. We will see what the outcome will be. Don has contact to the concerned perfume house as well as some of the German online shops who sold these perfumes.Until the matter has been clarified, the S-word is taboo at Parfumo!
<mark>Apicius</mark>Apicius   20.03.2014 | Parfumo Research

Parfumo Received Written Warning

...Tnahowru:How come other perfume related sites (Fragrantica for example) can use it?They are not located in Germany and not subdued to the German copyright laws and procedures.Lawyers who make their money with written warnings are a nuisance over here. This issue will cost Parfumo some money.
<mark>Apicius</mark>Apicius   19.03.2014 | Perfumes & Brands

Scent of the Day

...This morning, I forgot to put on perfume because I was in a hurry.Now, in the evening I have felt the notion to smell something warm, homely, and animalic in a human way.I have chosen a Malaysian oud oil which was part of a sample pack I ordered on the net ( have changed their lineup by now).It is far away from the usual synthetic ouds. It is woody with a mustiness that smells like pure live, not rotten. The smell is woody-strawy, organic, and somehow it gets you with a pure nature appeal (at least, me). It is a familiar smell. I get scent pictures of sisal, wicker works, but also of hamster cages or the monkey house at the zoo.Pure oud oils are truly a niche withing niche perfumery (given that you accept the word perfume to be used on a raw material).I guess I am not ready yet with the secret world of Dehnal Oud. The best source for it seems to be Ensaroud at the moment, and they also sell samples.
<mark>Apicius</mark>Apicius   18.03.2014 | Parfumo Research

Parfumo Received Written Warning

...I am referring to this here:

Your favorite classic Eau de Cologne?

...I'm a bit surprised but my statistic says that Asprey's "Purple Water" is the Eau de Cologne I have worn the most (I don't count in Eau de Guerlain which is more like a complete perfume for me).
<mark>Apicius</mark>Apicius   15.03.2014 | Parfumo Research

Parfumo Received Written Warning

...Hello all,I'd like to inform you that Parfumo has received a written warning due to an alleged violation of copyright.The reason is the naming of a word in several perfumes which has been registered as a brand in Germany last year. The respective perfumes are available since 2007, however, this may not not be relevant according to copyright laws.The case has been handed over to Parfumo's lawyer and we hope for a positive ending.Currently, the person who claims to be the copyright holder takes action in Germany against the concerned perfume house, retailers, perfume shops - and Parfumo.
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