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<mark>Dalmajen</mark>Dalmajen   25.01.2013 | Miscellaneous

Samples from Houses - best experience

...What is the Divine website please? Tried to google it, but nothing came up. Would love to browse, and see what they have! Thank you. :)
<mark>Dalmajen</mark>Dalmajen   25.01.2013 | Miscellaneous

How do you feel about the oud trend?

...I am waiting for some samples, with Oud. Can't wait to try them, as am pretty curious. I suppose that Gentleman in the fragrance shop knew what he was talking about, coming from Saudi Arabia.But, these things sometimes come in waves of popularity...popular for a few months, then all these new fragrances just cash in on the craze. Will let you know what I think of Oud, when I get the samples!
<mark>Dalmajen</mark>Dalmajen   22.01.2013 | Miscellaneous

The end of a love affair-Scents that have lost their magic ?

...Eurochic:I got the big 200ml bottle of "Beige" and now I'm so bored with it. I wish they would sell smaller bottles of the Les Exclusifs line.I have to say also that one day a perfume may smell really nice on me, and the next day it may smell completely off. Does anyone know when is the best timing to try out a new perfume (talking about hormonal fluctuations here, sorry guys). I got the 75ml. Coromandel, mainly because I couldn't afford the bigger one! Just store your Beige away, and you will go back to it, it's too damn beautiful to ignore for long! It's normal to have off days, for fragrances etc. (especially for the ladies) . I think being bored with a fragrance is O.K, as you will come back to it. But when you start to really dislike it, that's when the love affair with the scent is over!
<mark>Dalmajen</mark>Dalmajen   21.01.2013 | Miscellaneous

The functional no-nos of perfume bottles

...Yes, The Lolita Spray is really annoying! And, I hate the sprayer on Alien. Will go to youtube and look that up). Don't drop The One bottle! I nearly broke my damn foot on that one! :shock:
№ 04 - Rêverie au Jardin - Tauer Perfumes
<mark>Dalmajen</mark>Dalmajen   20.01.2013 | Perfumes & Brands

Tauer scents

...I love his no.12 Eau D'Epices, and wrote a review on this one. I also really like no.04 Reverie au Jardin, and will probably review this soon. I have several samples, and find his scents very unique. They are strong, and for my taste, quite unusual. Most of them have a very prominent Smoke accord. I prefer no.12 to the famous no.02 LADDM.
<mark>Dalmajen</mark>Dalmajen   20.01.2013 | Miscellaneous

Scents From Hell - The Most Beautific Perfumes

...Eternity:The opening of Shalimar Yes, agree! :roll:
<mark>Dalmajen</mark>Dalmajen   16.01.2013 | Miscellaneous

The end of a love affair-Scents that have lost their magic ?

...Yes, this is an interesting question, as lately, I don't want to wear my cashmere mist, or Boucheron as much as before. The notes just don't seem to appeal like they used to. They have not turned, as they are not old, and always are stored properly. It just seems to me, as the magic is not there anymore. :roll:
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