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№ 06 - Incense Rosé - Tauer Perfumes

Rose and Incense

...I'd love to see more suggestions as "No. 06 - Incense Rosé" is a favorite of mine and I'm a fan of incense in perfumery, generally speaking.
Exciter76Exciter76   10.03.2018 | Perfumes & Brands

Serge Lutens 50 ml bottles are not dead!

...Thank you EVERYONE for the info and the clarification. Now I can relax and get out of panic mode. I still have a few I need to add to my collection!


...A cheapie that I found has a decent linden blossom note is "True Star Gold" (Tommy Hilfiger).I'll agree with LithiumLibido--"La Chasse Aux Papillons (Eau de Toilette)" (L'Artisan Parfumeur) is a wonderful linden blossom scent.

Mint fragrances with toothpaste scent

...Good morning!For a subtle minty toothpaste vibe try "Hugo (Eau de Toilette)" by Hugo Boss. It's not solely mint toothpaste-y but that essence is there. For a more blatant toothpaste scent that is highly satisfying try Bath and Body Works' "Twisted Peppermint".Let us know what you find! :D
OrianeOriane   29.01.2018 | Perfumes & Brands

B&BW Warm Vanilla Sugar EdT for posting Exciter76. I saw the EdT for half price at the semi-annual sale last month in fact, but I never bought it, although I was tempted. I have too many fragrances...
Exciter76Exciter76   29.01.2018 | Perfumes & Brands

B&BW Warm Vanilla Sugar EdT

...The original poster may have already purchased the edt but if not, or for others who were wondering the same thing, I found the edt to be very powerful. I don't know if they still offer Warm Vanilla Sugar edt in stores but I used to have the edt. It lasted for ages and rivaled some of my pricier perfumes for sillage.
Exciter76Exciter76   28.03.2017 | Miscellaneous

Do you keep backups?

The what and the why
...Ooh, I have a backup of JS Fancy Nights, too!I figured I asked a lot of questions so I tried to hold back. But you answered some other questions I wanted to ask! I was curious as to why we keep backups and what pushed us to go ahead and get the backup.Like you, I went to the store where I got my original perfume (Aramis' Tuscany Per Donna) and it was gone. Granted, EL brought it back but it's a shadow of its former self now. Prices of the original on eBay are insane! It was the same scenario for Givenchy's Organza Indecence. There's no way I'm spending $200 for a 30ml bottle. It's just crazy. After that I swore I'd keep backups of the things I really love whenever possible.As for what pushed me to commit to a backup of something? Usually, it's the price. I went crazy when FragranceNet had Eau de Shalimar for $10. I bought two backup bottles. Same for Fancy Nights, Shalimar Parfum Initial ($25 per bottle) and so on. Also, I do a lot of swaps and I have been swapping for backups lately. I have a backup of Shalimar Mexique that I could never have justified buying at its current prices. Thank goodness there was a kind soul who really wanted two unloved perfumes in my collection.Thanks for replying!
Exciter76Exciter76   27.03.2017 | Miscellaneous

Do you keep backups?

...I have a bad habit of falling in love with discontinued scents. I've learned the hard way that if it means enough to me, get a backup. Or two. Or four. Am I the only one hoarding scents or am I in good company? If so, what was backup-worthy to you? Are there scents of which you wish you had backups?Off the top of my head I have 4 total bottles of Shalimar Parfum Initial, 2 TF Sahara Noir, 4 Fendi Fantasia, 3 Agent Provocateur L'Agent and 2 Bond No. 9 I ❤ NY For Holidays.
Exciter76Exciter76   29.03.2015 | Perfumes & Brands

Weekly Scent Discussion #4: Caron, your thoughts

[email protected]: That's awesome! Thank you so much for sharing that. Yes, there is certainly a "Caronade" that I'm noticing. Or I'm insane. Either scenario is possible. :lol:
ScentFanScentFan   28.03.2015 | Perfumes & Brands

Weekly Scent Discussion #4: Caron, your thoughts early perfumista days and Bellodgia, of course, was my first buy. I have a vintage and a later version upstairs and I'll compare them for you, Exciter76 before I turn in.I also have Accord 119, En Avion, Infini (adore it), Nocturnes, and Pour Une Femme de Caron, which I just reviewed. It's the...
Exciter76Exciter76   27.03.2015 | Perfumes & Brands

Weekly Scent Discussion #4: Caron, your thoughts

...A dear friend and member, Cybernoir, turned me on to Caron. I've been hooked ever since. My first Caron was Bellodgia. My love of carnations was cemented with Bellodgia. I've since picked up a few more and would love to continue acquiring Carons.I've not tried any vintage formulations. I don't know what happened but prices have skyrocketed for most femme Carons. So I suppose finding an affordable vintage at this time is unlikely. I'm kicking myself for not biting the bullet and buying a vintage Bellodgia on eBay for $14 three years ago.My current Caron love is Aimez Moi. I don't care for mint in perfumery but it boosts the freshness factor in the opening. It takes slow, measured steps, revealing something new and beautiful along the way. The big payoff is in the drydown, which is full of the most glorious powder. I love it!
Black Orchid - Jōvan
Exciter76Exciter76   14.03.2015 | Perfumes & Brands

Jovan Black Orchid, anyone remember this?

...I remember wearing this and loving it my freshman year in high school. I vaguely remember it being very floral but I don't remember much else. If you get it please share your impression of it.
Exciter76Exciter76   27.02.2015 | Perfumes & Brands

The Guerlain Aqua Allegoria line: Your favourites?

...My least favorite Guerlains have come out of this line. Still, "Aqua Allegoria Ylang Vanille" is my favorite. I get a lot of sweet carnations from it. It figures they'd eliminate one of the line's best. :shock:
Exciter76Exciter76   25.02.2015 | Miscellaneous

NPR story about L.A.'s Scent Bar

...That was a great article. Thanks for sharing that!
Exciter76Exciter76   29.01.2015 | Miscellaneous

Good-smelling cheapies are hard to find

Re: A nice little shop
...Pipette:I am not affiliated with SMALLFLOWERS but have shopped there. Especially about the VANILLE Eau de Toilette I have heard good comments.There are quite a few (German) goodies in that shop. (Like "Badedas" gel and soap "FA".)Thank you Pipette! I bookmarked this. Thanks to you, I may have found a new favorite shop.Good cheapies...Coty Emeraude: I love Shalimar and it only makes logical sense that I'd love this one. It's a little more lemony and not as long lasting but it's a satisfying scent nevertheless.Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights: it's a satisfying patchouli and the papyrus keeps things interesting.Al-Rehab: I really love these little rollerball scents. They're strong, long lasting, and very affordable at $4. Even when they are a bust it's not much of a loss.Perfumes by Terri: I was recently introduced to this line by a group of gourmand-loving perfume enthusiasts. These are gourmand scents created by a gourmand lover. Terri is exceedingly kind and she puts a lot of talent and passion into every bottle. One spray is all I need for a beautiful scent that lasts all day. My personal favorite is Sucre et Fleurs.
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