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Which MONTALE and/or KEIKO MECHERI for me, please?

...Perhaps you might like KM's "Canyon Dreams" from the Bespoke Collection, it's a complex spicy woody dry oriental.

Perfumes that Smells like a Temple or a Church

...In my opinion, Pacifica's "Tibetan Mountain Temple", Serge Luten's "Feminite du Bois", Cdg "Hinoki", Demeter's "Holy Water", L'artisan's "Passage D'Enfer" and Atelier's "Bois Blonds"
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What feminine frags can a man wear in your opinion?

...Also another one I just thought of is "Fleur de Capucine" by Chloe-it is very green, herbal and full of galbanum, I love it in the Spring and Summer, I think it suits both men and women.


Two more linden fragrances to try
..."Linden Blond Tabac" by Voluspa and "Library of Flowers Linden" a new one by Margot Elena are both very pretty Linden fragrances.
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The end of a love affair-Scents that have lost their magic ?

Indeed, it happens to the best of them...
...For me "Bvlgari pour Femme", "Gucci II", "Miss Marissa", "Gendarme", and "Carriere" are all past favorites that I could live without right now.
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Worst mismatch between fragrance name and scent?

...Musc Maori (?#!*?). Should be called "Hot Chocolate"
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Best web shops for samples

...luckyscent.comtheperfumedcourt.combeautyhabit.comb-glowing.comWalking into Nordstroms recently I was given 8 generous sampls from the Diptyque counter along with 4 Tom Ford Private blend deluxe samples just by asking for them.
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Which masculine scents can be worn by a woman?

...I have worn "Halston Z-14" and "Halston 1-12" as well as "Bvlgari Black", "Tamboti Wood" by Susanne Lang, Ginestet "Le Boise" the original "Lagerfeld Classic" and enjoyed them all very much.

Looking for a new peach-scent

...Two inexpensive Peach dominant fragrances I know of are 1. Ellen Tracy by Ellen Tracy(beautiful and surprisingly complex for the low cost)2. True Delight by American Beauty (Monster Sillage)Peau De Peche is my Spring Signature Scent- but my significant other really can't stand it- so I don't wear it as much as I'd like.Ellen Tracy is a good alternative that is fairly unoffensive with decent sillage and to my nose is Peach with a little Osmanthus, Plum and incense and clean white musk in the drydown, it smells peachy, plumy incensy and then remarkably clean without being soapy at the end. In the US it's 10 usd at TJMaxx for 3.4 oz and the bottle is also surprising well made for an economical fragrance. I'm surely going to repurchase in the future.
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What feminine frags can a man wear in your opinion?

Re: What feminine frags can a man wear in your opin
...Scentimental:Hello Ladies Gents!I have many masculine frags that I love,but my true love is feminine frags. My collection is 2/3 feminine and I am still exploring the feminine fragrance world as you can see by my wishlist. I don't see gender division in frags because I like to wear what I like and be myself. I would still like to get your opinions on which frags a man can wear?My husband has absconded with my bottle of Five O'clock au Gingembre by Serge Lutens...I have to admit it smells better on a man than on me, that goes for SL's Chergui and Daim Blonde as well Fille de Berlin - rose fragrance so deep and dense it is almost a 3 dimensional burgundy colored rose- I don't even like rose scents normally but that one is mind blowing...the right guy could definitely pull those off. Also I just smelled Tom Ford's Private blend Black Violet and in addition to being soooo much better than his current popular violet blonde fragrance, Black Violet smelled wonderful on the male Sales rep... although it's geared toward the female audience. Also Keiko Mecheri's Canyon Dreams, Fendi by Fendi and Madness by Chopard, as well as Lubin's Gin Fizz & Itasca would be good to try. Good question!
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