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SweetgrassSweetgrass   14.11.2013 | Miscellaneous

Which company has done the most damage to the industry?

Re: Which company has done the most damage to the industry?
...LovingTheAlien:çois Coty gave us Chypre, though. If that's not a huge contribution, I honestly don't know what is or what more could you possibly want.Anyhow, I pass by most big name brand scents these days. And surprisingly enough celebrity fragrances have consistently turned out better than I dared hope, which isn't much really, but it is something. I'm just hoping that the blandness afflicting designer perfumes now is just a fad that will subside just like the huge oriental fad subsided.I don't know about "damage": the good stuff will still be there (unless it gets discontinued, but life without a specific perfume is possible, who knew) and I vote with my wallet, hoping somebody takes a hint some day. But I am worried about the gradual banning of crucial perfume ingredients. It's like asking dairy products to be banned because I am lactose intolerant and get a tummy ache if I ingest any.
SweetgrassSweetgrass   14.11.2013 | Miscellaneous

The most beautiful and well-crafted Flacons

...Blech, the Opium cases are trying so hard to look like inro it's not even funny. Anyway, has nobody brought up Serge Lutens's round-base bottles? They are gorgeous in their simplicity, IMHO rivalled only by the classic Chanel carré bottles in understated elegance. SL's rectangular bottles are beautiful too. To wit:Chanel gets extra points for sticking with similar bottle designs with only a few exceptions, which look good too (I'm leaving the smell out of it). Also I love the Guerlain Aqua Allegoria and Abeille bottles, so glad somebody posted them!Tom Ford's Private Blends are nice in the classic simplicity department, too, making me think of old medicine bottles.Mugler bottle's then are almost always at least interesting if not brilliant. The Alien, which is my signature scent, has a gorgeous bottle; so does Womanity, even though it divides people into love/hate camps (both the bottle and the juice). Les Parfums de Cuir flankers are also cool, and look like Alien's offspring. And I hate to admit it because I hate Lady Gaga's music and persona with a vengeance that her perfume bottle looks striking, somewhat reminiscent of Alien.But I don't get how could anybody NOT love the fairies on Féerie bottles? They are so cute!Or how about Pleats Please? Love the bottle design, tempted to buy the perfumes just because of that...
161 - 162 by 162