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The 'symphony' of a perfume
Aafridi 27.06.2017 | Miscellaneous
...I agree, Symphony and perfume are the same and have a bond like brother & sister. They are so related that can bring sweet as well as bitter past and be remembered in memories. I’ll say different names but same rhythm, notes etc.
5 years ago
So many great vetivers... Vétiver de Frédéric - Frédéric Haldimann
Aafridi 01.03.2014 | Perfumes by Note, Accord, Genre
...At the moment I am enjoying the smell of:1. Encre Noir by Lalique2. Guerlain Vetiverand desperate to get Bel Ami Vetiver by Hermes.
11 years ago
What are your favorite Rose perfumes?
Aafridi 01.03.2014 | Perfumes by Note, Accord, Genre
...My favorite rose perfumes are:Aramis Rose CalligraphyGuerlain Habit Rouge Cartier Declaration d'Un SoirAttarAl Kaaba by Al Haramain
9 years ago