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what about Bortnikoff Oud Maximus 2020?

Re: what about Bortnikoff Oud Maximus 2020?
...KyrabiHi guys, have any of you tried Bortnikoff's new oud maximus? the 2020 version, what do you think? how does it behave?Was almost buying this last week, opted for the Chypre du Nord instead, the name alone is attractive.
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Scent of the Day

...Xerjoff - Alexandria II
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Best web shops for samples

Re: Best web shops for samples
...GsavHello peoples, all of us are here because of one main reason, we all LOVE perfumes. This wonderful hobby has only one drawback and that is it's cost. When you are at the perfume store, you can test only so many before it all gets mixed up. And, in all that shopping panic you may choose not quite the perfect scent. The scent might've had great opening, but there was not enough time at the store to fully develop on your skins. As an undergraduate student biking to school I would often stop at a fragrance store and try a new scent. That way I would have time during the day to savor it and decide if it will be on my wish list. When the day to buy fragrance would come, I would just hope the lady at register will be nice enough and let me rummage through her samples before she chooses a random one. Today, married with a baby, times changed :D. No more time like I use to have. So I find samples are the best way to go in my scent discovery quest.So far I have found these online stores to be pretty good:www.myperfumesamples.comwww.luckyscent.comSo the question is: Where do you get your samples?If you are in the U.K. is a great one
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Highest quality

Re: Highest quality
...MrLawmanThe other day, I had a healthy discussion with a fellow perfume enthousiast about the metrics to determine the highest quality of smell of a perfume. We came to the following:We got rid of the price tag, the price per ml-ratio, the presentation, the brand and asked ourselves which smell (we used the word ''smell'' because of its neutrality) we liked the most. For me it is Oud Satin Mood by Francis Kurkdjian -- he choose Karagoz by Nishane. What are yours?I would love to hear them.I think you might just be on the Money with that Oud Satin Mood reference, its lovely and amazing.For me I'd like to pick Oud for Greatness & Side Effect from Initio ( these are my all time fav's); however another Mention is Boadicea's Blue Sapphire... this is legit refinement for me.
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Megamare and other aquatics.

Re: Megamare and other aquatics.
...Shafkat82Lovetribe78my first question is whether Megamare Orto Parisi can be similar to zoologist Squid Zoologist Perfumes .while the second is: since I don't like a lot aquatic parfums as they don't last long, and generally I find them all a bit similar, megamare could replace the idea of my next 3 summer purchases, that are Chrome Pure Azzaro plus Chrome Sport Azzaro plus Azzaro Chrome Extreme Azzaro ...?Thanks.Brother , Megamare is a beast . Performance is very good and the longevity is like 1 days at least on your skin. 30 days on your cloth or you may say until you wash it off. I havn't tried Squid but i heard Zoologist perfumes are very hard to wear . Anyway , Megamare is a love or hate it type. Definitely very unique composition on aquatic notes . Its a must have.Well said, its unreal how powerful and potent Megamare is! It lasts and lasts and lasts. Another one from the same House is Bergamask. Both are monsters.
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Online perfume shops in Europe?

Re: Online perfume shops in Europe?
...NerysLooking for online shops in Europe?Has anyone ordered perfumes from EU delivery to EU?Has anyone in EU recently bought from USA like at FragranceX and how did it go? Here's 2 i've used & that's trusted, fragrancex isn't bad..https://shopping-premiereavenu... me know if you try and your own experience. 
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Xerjoff batch codes

Re: Xerjoff batch codes
...MrLawmanDear fellow perfume hobbyist,The last couple of weeks, I've been investigating the inconsistencies I've noticed in Xerjoff bottles and boxes having (no) batch codes.Most of the times they do, which tells me the perfume is bought from an official authorized seller or directly from Xerjoff Universe.However, I also come across Xerjoff's which don't have a batch code sticker. Most of the time, the sticker is ripped off the box and the bottom of the bottle doesn't mention a batch code either.I wonder why this happens and if Xerjoff's with no batch code are authentic? I've mailed Xerjoff and their only reply was that "its uncommon".Any thoughts?Many thanks in advance!Warm regards,Ismet Hi,It might be the stockist or seller is trying to conceal the age (old stock). Its about the only reason I know of stickers being removed.