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Weekly Scent Discussion# 23: Lavender. Oh, How I love thee

...Thank you Cryptic for the lead. I'll see if I can find it on Surrender to chance tomorrow!
<mark>Briarthorn</mark>Briarthorn   09.12.2017 | Miscellaneous

Weekly Scent Discussion #6: Labels of Men vs Woman and you

...Though I haven't been on the forums much since Baby 3, I've revisited this topic much in mind and I think MiaTrost you are on too something with the social norms angle and I see those norms shifting since the advent of the edible scent, at least here in Miami, FL. I think with more women wearing the spun sugar confectioneries, more men scents are adding a floral edge, or perhaps the men around me are selecting scents with a floral edge. This is a development I really like.
<mark>Briarthorn</mark>Briarthorn   16.05.2017 | Miscellaneous

Warning About "Shop for You Overseas" Services

...Cincy:So sorry, to hear this. I can't imagine the stress this has caused you. Seems like something could be done with your payment, credit card pay pal?Cincy is right, If you used a credit card or pay pal you can get your money back. You have the tracking to prove the item was not shipped to you and that you never received the item you paid for.

Sniff Fest - Gardenias

...My favorite gardenia is Jovan Island Gardenia. It's the closest thing to the gardenias in my nan's yard that I can find. I also love the Gardenia note in Tom Ford's Black Orchid and The Elizabeth Taylor Gardenia is a nice green gardenia. Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds and Emeralds has a lovely, creamy gardenia in the dry down. I still haven't unpacked most of my perfumes but if you PM me with your address and a list of any samples you want from my collection I'll mail them as soon as I get them unpacked. Gardenia is one of my favorite notes on me so I have many scents with that note. Check the different folders in my collection and I'll send you samples of anything you want.

Lancôme Tresor - L'Eau de Parfum The Majestic Rose

..."Tresor L'Eau de Parfum Lumineuse | Lancome"Is that it?

Lancôme Tresor - L'Eau de Parfum The Majestic Rose

...I've searched but I couldn't find anything on this scent besides an expired ebay offering in the UK with no photos. The only Lancôme product I can find with Majestic Rose Is the Precious oils line. Perhaps the source you saw it from made a mistake and it's actually one of the Tresor - Midnight Rose flankers.
<mark>Briarthorn</mark>Briarthorn   28.03.2017 | Miscellaneous

Do you keep backups?

...I really wish I had backups of a few of my favorites but honestly cost keeps me from getting them. The only back ups I have are of some of my favorite cheapies. Not having a back up of my Black Cashmere is probably the one I regret not having more of the most.
<mark>Briarthorn</mark>Briarthorn   21.03.2017 | Miscellaneous

NPR article: Smell as old as time

...Thanks for the link. I wonder if the 250yr old rum smells the same as rum today?
Tabu / Tabou (Perfume) - Dana

Vintage Dana Tabu

...Sorry for the late reply. I switched jobs, had a baby, and then moved so I've been off the net for some time.From my experience the extrait is pretty dark. Not quite Youth Dew dark (that extrait is black) but a very deep mahogany to strong espresso dark. I'm trying to recall from memory the difference between the two strengths and I'm not sure I trust my memory. I'll update this post if I ever find my bottles in the boxes I still have to unpack.
<mark>Briarthorn</mark>Briarthorn   21.03.2017 | Miscellaneous

Weekly Scent Discussion #17: You Tube Reviewers

...Great video. Thanks for sharing.
<mark>Briarthorn</mark>Briarthorn   06.04.2016 | Miscellaneous

Happiest Three

...I used to be navy, but now I work for Customs and Border Protection as an Agriculture Specialist. We call our duty locations "Ports of Entry", as in Entry in to the United States. I used to work out of Miami International Airport, but now I am at the Port of Miami (Miami seaport).
<mark>Briarthorn</mark>Briarthorn   02.04.2016 | Miscellaneous

Happiest Three

...No. I haven't had the baby. :( We are due in three weeks Monday, April 25. I've been wearing perfume since the middle of the second trimester. I just haven't been able to review any because I'm afraid my perception of scent is off due to hormones. I'm looking forward to being able to review again soon. I figure after the baby is three months old my perception and hormones have leveled off so I can do an honest review. I have quite the back log. It's interesting how scents smell differently on my during my pregnancy. For example I cannot wear my Versace Yellow Diamond. It's gets this weird sour note. I hope I stop getting that after I have the baby. I haven't been as active on the boards or on anything really. Between work, trying to close on the house on April 15 and being so hugely pregnant with two other kids to mind, I'm pretty worn out and mentally useless. Thankfully, the new port I started at in February is a really good fit for me. I am really happy here. It's like heaven compared to the last port I worked at. Now I just hope this house thing goes through so that we can start moving. Thank you for asking about me :)
<mark>Briarthorn</mark>Briarthorn   31.03.2016 | Miscellaneous

Tragedy. When perfumes turn

...I really commend Wasser for his work on the old classics. He has returned many to their old Glory starting back in 2014. The Shalimar from 2009 was a shadow of what it should be, but the current formulations are amazing. I wish Chanel would do the same. The current #5 is complete and utter rubbish.
<mark>Briarthorn</mark>Briarthorn   25.03.2016 | Miscellaneous

Happiest Three

...Okay, This week I've been feeling my Pure Havane, Violet Eyes, and believe it or not, Wind Song. I was surprised at how happy wind song made me feel. It's such a cheapie but smells more expensive.

Sniff Fest - House of Nicolaï

...I'd Love to hear your take on Juste Un Reve.

Prism Parfums - Relaunch of Lutece, Raffinee, et cetera

...Has anyone tried any of these yet?
Black Cashmere - DKNY / Donna Karan

black cashmere (in oval bottle)

...I have yet to try the new formulation. I have heard that it is very close to the original. I can't confirm it though. You don't need to worry about batch codes with this scent. If you get a mouse bottle (oval bottle) you have the old stuff. It's that easy. Unfortunately, if you want to find the old bottle you need to expect to pay a fair price for it. About 18 months ago the old bottle prices skyrocketed and the prices haven't come down.
<mark>Briarthorn</mark>Briarthorn   19.12.2015 | Miscellaneous

Weekly Scent Discussion #24: Your Scent Journey of 2015.

...I haven't been keeping up with my weekly posts after the lack-luster response I got to the Lilac thread. But I'll give it another go. So let's do recaps of our 2015 Scent Journeys. How was your scent journey this year? What did you discover? anything blow your mind? Any Disappointments? What surprised you? Did you expand your collection? What are you still hunting for? What are your plans for next year? Are you happy with your reviews? What did you manage to mark off your test or review list? Anything non-scent related you want to share?What did you discover?So, looking back at 2015, I learned that I love the houses Byredo (which I will never afford), Pacifica and Black Phoenix Alchemy lab. I also discovered that I am crazy about classic Lavender scents Like Versace Dreamer, and Caron Pour un Homme. What did you manage to mark off your test or review list?It's been a slow year of reviews for me because I haven't reviewed anything since I got pregnant. I'm afraid the crazy hormones might cause a misperception of the scent and skew my review. I haven't tested many of my samples either for the same reason. I've got quite the back-log now. Did you expand your collection?I have added quite a few things to my collection this year, vintage and new. I've collected all the Scents in the Elizabeth Taylor line. I haven't been disappointed in any of them, though I think I wear the original White diamonds the least. White Diamonds Lustre and Diamonds and Rubies have been rocking my world most recently. Passion for men and my vintage Black Pearl are always favorites, however. I've also added quite a few Lolita Lempicka's to my collection. I just adore her scents and the bottles are so lovely. I hope to collect all those adorable apples one day. I actually picked up four new Pacifica Scents yesterday and discovered I really love the Mexican Cocoa. Something about it just does it for me. I went and ordered a back up bottle a few moments ago. What are you still hunting for?I've added Vintage Cinnabar to my Vintage look out list. I realized it's one of the classics I really miss and must acquire. I've also added Vintage Estee (not the super perfume) to the look out list, a woman I sometimes see at work wears it, and she always smells so amazing. I wonder if the new version smells as good as the vintage. That would be easier to find. I also would like to pick up a Bottle of Bond No 9 So New York and Bond No 9 I love New York for all. I want more coffee in my life. I am still on the lookout for a bottle or even a 20-30ml decant of Thierry Mulger's Pure Coffee. Then there is the ever going hunt for a bottle of the Black Cashmere (mouse bottle) that I can afford. Any Disappointments? I didn't have too many disappointments this year. The biggest ones would probably be Trésor Midnight Rose and Trésor L'Absolu de Parfum. Oh and Cachet. I got a new bottle of it and it's unbearable. It's probably the worst perfume I've encountered. No resemblance to the original at all. I really should just toss it in the bin.What are your plans for next year?Next year (after I have this baby) I hope to start reviewing everyday again. I hope I wont be to rusty at it. There are some of my earliest reviews that I would also like to revisit and improve. Anything non-scent related you want to share?Well we are still looking for a house to buy. Fingers crossed it comes soon. I have to tell my landlord about the termites when she comes to walkthrough the house in the next few weeks. I am terrified she will want to fumigate while I still live there. I really think it's a bad idea while I'm pregnant, and well, we have no money for a hotel for 4 days and no one to stay with. If we could get a dang contract on a house I could try and stall her until I move out. Besides the housing thing life is moving along well for us. The baby is Due April 25 and it's going to be a girl (Finally!). I have two boys so a girl is most welcome. We decide to name her Alice Leilani. Alice after my late grandmother and Leilani because that's my husbands favorite name.
<mark>Briarthorn</mark>Briarthorn   18.12.2015 | Miscellaneous

The magic of special occasions & your scent for it

...I have a sample of Enchanted Forest I wear On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I also have a sample of Caron's N'Aimez Que Moi that I wear on my Birthday. My sample is almost gone though :( I wear my vintage Tabu on my Grandmother's Birthday and on the anniversary of her death. I break out my beloved Black Cashmere on my Anniversary. I really wish I could afford another mouse bottle of this one. I really would like to wear it more.
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