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Best masculine rose fragrance
ClaireV 09.06.2020 | Perfume Recommendations
...HoM Kazimi - a bitter, wild ambergris-rose that runs deep green on my skin.Malle Portrait of a Lady - rose smashed into place by camphor, a roar of incense, smoke, patchouli, and a woody-aftershavey Ambroxan drydown that lasts forever.MFK Lumiere Noire - a orangey, rosy musk with a discreetly silky texture and green, fresh accents. Histoires de Parfums 1876 - a dry rose musk with heaps of herbs, aromatics, and dry-as-a-bone woods, very Victorian male grooming atmosphereEau d'Italie Paestum Rose - light rose and blackcurrant over dry cedar and incense. Very transparent yet somehow dark and Gothic in feel.By Killian Rose Oud - delicate saffron-oud-rose that reads as firmly unisex to my nose. Amouage Opus X - varnishy, bloody rose-geranium-rose oxide, biting and metallicELDO Eau de Protection - similar to the above, but came first.
5 years ago
Rose and Incense № 06 - Incense Rosé - Tauer Perfumes
ClaireV 09.06.2020 | Perfumes by Note, Accord, Genre
...Many of my favourites have been mentioned, but I just wanted to add my two cents :-)1. Eau d'Italie Paestum Rose - blackcurrant rose over cedar-incense . Uplifting yet quite subtle. It seems both bright and dark at the same time. 2. Caron Parfum Sacre - a carved sandalwood chest full of dried rose petals, soap, and earthy-syrupy myrrh.3. Malle Portrait of a Lady - a whole lotta lotta, but glorious when that fruity raspberry rose meets the crushingly dry, smoky incense. I find this tiresome in its long, drawn-out Ambrox drydown, but the first few hours are worth the ride.4. Angela Ciampagna - gourmand rose incense with an interesting iris and carrot seed mix in the background that adds both icing sugar-like powderiness and the metallic earthiness of chestnuts.5. Maria Candida Gentile Sideris - I never think of this of a rose-centric fragrance, but more of a rosy sandalwood-labdanum mix with a powdered sugar airiness (which links it to Rosarium above, although Sideris is altogether less edible than Rosarium). 6. Amouage Lyric Woman - technically a floriental that presses down hard on the rosy sandalwood-cardamon-ylang axis than incense, but of course, there is that magnificently austere Omani frankincense lending its moonlight in the backbone. Incense Rose by Tauer doesn't really work for me anymore, ever since I gassed out an entire car full of colleagues on a one-hour journey about six years ago. I was inexperienced with the Power of the Tauer and applied two or three generous spritzes before clambering into the car. Nobody said anything but when the car filled up with this huge, billowing cloud of coca cola, cardamom, and harsh, rosy frankincense, I was absolutely mortified. I like it, I respect it, but I cannot seem to find a way to wear it politely.
9 years ago
What are your favorite Caron scents?
ClaireV 09.06.2020 | Perfumes & Brands
...I own a couple of the recent versions of pure parfums - a tiny bottle of Tabac Blond and En Avion - as well as collected samples of other extraits (Acaciosa, Poive), and I have to say that I actually prefer to wear the less hallowed EDP versions of Parfum Sacre, Farnesiana, etc. The parfums break my heart because many of them are best in vintage form - the EDPs, being more recent, seem to be free of these weighty expectations! I can relax and enjoy them more, without suspecting that a better version of them exists far in the past where I can't reach them. Hope that makes sense!
3 years ago