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Vétiver de Frédéric - Frédéric Haldimann

So many great vetivers...

...FrieMo:Have you tried "Sel de Vetiver" ? I think it would be a nice addition to the other ways of Vetiver proposed here.Ah! This is one of my favorite vetivers! A beautiful scent. The body wash is great, too, and nicely priced.
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Scents From Hell - The Most Beautific Perfumes

...Neil Morris has some excellent fragrances in this category - things which are only borderline-wearable, or maybe unwearable. Two in particular:Cathedral - this was requested from him, to be "the smell of 1000 censers burning at the same time". That it is! Extremely powerful fragrance - possibly the most powerful I've ever smelled. A single spray on paper made my whole house almost maddening. I had to wrap the paper blotter in multiple containers to keep it from giving off its odor.Rumi - the skankiest amber fragrance ever! The amber is dirty and animalic - it smells like somebody's underwear after riding on a camel for a thousand miles. But yet it is strangely fascinating - I am embarrassed to admit - because there are good aspects hidden in the mess. I think it's ingenious in creating the desired mood.
Vétiver de Frédéric - Frédéric Haldimann

So many great vetivers...

...Very interesting, Apicius! If Lubin cut back on the cola note, it's too bad. I have to say that I didn't detect much if any of it, myself. I'll have to go back and try again.It's always hard to say how the American market will react to something that is perceived as a "common" note, such as cola, bubble gum, coffee, etc. Sometimes they love it, but if there is just a slight miscalculation, the market will laugh. There is not much barrier between what is perceived as "accessible" and what is perceived as "ordinary". So the bottom line is, I can see why Lubin might hesitate on a cola note.
Vétiver de Frédéric - Frédéric Haldimann

So many great vetivers...

...I do like the new Bluff, but I'm especially enamored with Itasca. I'll try to do a review soon, Ungerwoo. But I can tell you that Itasca is very nice and strong when sprayed. I have just a small residue of an authentic Lubin sample spray, courtesy of the generous 30 Roses over at BN. I gave myself one good, droplet-wet spray to the back of the hand, and got both good sillage and moderate projection. My wife seated at the same table found it very attractive and commented out of the blue. The ladies at BN like it, because it marries the wood and vetiver notes that men like, with a chypre-like feminine background, and thus creates what I would almost describe as a Texas Cedar/redwood chypre with hints of vetiver. I think it's a destiny buy for me, possibly very soon.Bluff was interesting in that it was very different on paper, compared to skin. On paper, it was a cool vetiver that was very interesting. On my skin, it lost the coolness and the vetiver receded. What was left was barely a vetiver scent. If I were to buy Bluff, I would likely wear at least one spray on clothing to get that very nice vetiver effect.I'm sorry that Lubin is wary of perfumista comments - though I can understand that, after what Tania said, and particularly after Octavian's recent comments on Black Jade (much as I love Octavian's no-holds-barred commentary). But so many people are finding quality in that house - I would encourage Lubin to take the bad with the good. Personally, I find Lubin's scents very moving, and even inspirational when I write. They are a quality house with authentic history, and they are doing good things. Creating modern, artistic perfumes with a sense of history but not enslaved by it - they have nothing to be ashamed of, in my opinion. I just wish that they were appreciated as much as they deserve.
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Arab Perfume Blog

...Honestly, I can't read a word of it! But still, it really looks like a great site. And any blog that has an advertisement for Fahrenheit Absolute front and center? Wow! That's OK with me!
№ 04 - Rêverie au Jardin - Tauer Perfumes
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Tauer scents

Re: Incense Rose
...Icekat:... but from what I tested my favorite so far is Incense Rose. It is such a beautiful scent: rose, incense and myrrh. There is something deep and spiritual about this scent that I love.Yes - I simply cannot forget my first wear of this scent! Very astounding.
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Trip down memory lane : Perfumes you loved as a teen

...In the early '70's, at around age 15, I discovered Old Spice deodorant stick - which led to Brut deodorant stick - which led to Brut aftershave - and then Brut itself - which led to my father's fragrances, including Givenchy Gentleman. And my first real girlfriend wore Clairol herbal essence shampoo - it smelled so amazing! My long-time high-school girlfriend wore Chanel no. 5, too (she was from the "rich" part of town!). My friends loved to borrow from my "cologne collection" - it was only a matter of time before I found more troublemaking fragrance fiends like all of you! :D