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Please help me - what are these two fragrances?
Controversy 6 months ago | Miscellaneous
These are..
...I have both too :On the left : Farouche by Nina RicciOn the right : Donna by Pavarotti
6 months ago
Perfume recommendation for my mum
Controversy 01.10.2020 | Perfume Recommendations
...That depends on several factors, such as her preference (floral, fruity, sweet, fresh etc.etc.), what she normally uses, what she likes on others to smell and for what season is the perfume. In addition, is your mother someone who only applies her perfume in the morning after a shower or several times during the day ? Does she like a challenge or is she modest in her appearance (e.d.c., e.d.t., e.d.p.)? And what does she has in her perfume-wardrobe which she loves and wears the most ?
2 years ago