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Chanel Gardenia EdT?

...I really appreciate the replies. I look forward to more reviews on parfumo as well. Good or bad-I find reviews very helpful.I do have a "newbie" question. Is there a way for me to see member's likes and dislikes? I don't often have the opportunity to sample very often, so online reviews and preferences help me hone in on my targets.Keep the reviews coming :lol:Thank you!

Chanel Gardenia EdT?

...Sweetgrass:Dulcemio:Oh wait, I just realized you said "parfum version." I wasn't aware that Les Exclusifs came in anything but EDT.They do, at a price. I'm still jealous of the US Chanelites who get to shop for this stuff online.The issue for me is price as well as access. I really don't want to love something that is so expensive. I have only ordered from Chanel online for Beige and Cormandel. It's a long, boring story but they were for my mother, who ended up not wanting coromandel. It's a regifted bottle. It's amazingly blended and complex but I don't wear it often. I spoke with a woman who works for Chanel and raved about the pure perfume versions. The prices... Yikes... But I've spend tons of money on edt's and other perfumes ofer the past few years. She made me really wonder. I not asking about the almost $4,000 version. I never want to smell that one just to be on the safe side. So I'll try to ask my family to take a wee little detour so I can try the Les-Exclusifis.

Chanel Gardenia EdT?

...Any thoughts on "Les Exclusifs de Chanel - Gardénia (2007) (Eau de Toilette)@Chanel"? I would like some opinions on this one. I may be near a Chanel store in a few weeks and I'm trying to decide what I want to test. I really can only legitimately try 2 because my nose can't handle more at one time.Additionally if you own Gardenia, can you compare it to another scent? I don't mean a dupe- I just mean something with a similar feeling that perhaps I'm familiar with so I know what to expect.I am familiar with Coromandel and Beige. Does anyone know if you can test the parfum versions in the store?Thank you!

Scent of the Day

...I am wearing Chanel no 19. I only wanted to try it out of curiosity. . I'd never read reviews but just assumed I wouldn't like it.I'm loving it. Day two and I'm amazed at how good this one smells. Anyone else surprised today?
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Less likely to buy discontinued fragrances?

...To the op- yes I am less likely to purchase a discontinued scent.I recently had a perfume I was "saving". I purchased it only 4 months ago. I found out a few days ago that it had turned. I just don't know how old it was when I purchased it or how it had been stored. I'm sure some scents age well. My Coco edt seems to smell better with time.It's such a disappointment to toss a full bottle in the trash.
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What new perfumes have that 'classic' potential?

...FloraMilena:CuteChemist:I'm gonna get shot for saying this, but Coco Noir, IMHO, is "classic" material!I agree with this. I think COCO NOIR will easily become a future classic.I agree with both of you. I think it's lovely.