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Ambre Doré - Maître Parfumeur et Gantier
<mark>Dannyboy</mark>Dannyboy   06.05.2012 | Perfumes & Brands

Ambre Dore by MPG

...Consider me interested, thanks for sharing.
G-man (Eau de Cologne) - Gainsboro / Gainsborough
<mark>Dannyboy</mark>Dannyboy   26.04.2012 | Miscellaneous

Less likely to buy discontinued fragrances?

...Dolby:... I would never turn down the opportunity to either test or acquire a bottle of a rare perfume. Either way, and for however long the pleasure it offers me is, it's always better than none.+1, no smiley
<mark>Dannyboy</mark>Dannyboy   18.04.2012 | Miscellaneous

Your favourite reformulations

...We could use a little more of that in this thread! :)
<mark>Dannyboy</mark>Dannyboy   05.04.2012 | Miscellaneous

Your favourite reformulations

...Often reformulations are perceived as a disaster. I wonder, which scents you like more after they got reformulated.They must have gotten a few right. :D
<mark>Dannyboy</mark>Dannyboy   04.04.2012 | Miscellaneous

Signature Scent - still up to date?

Re: Signature Scent - still up to date?
...Apicius:Just image this old lady entering the perfume shop with a malicious smile on the day of her best friends' funeral!Imagine her reaction, when she finds out, that this perfume does NOT smell the way it did 30 years ago! :twisted: My best friend has a signature scent, L'Eau d'Issey PH, no conflict there. ;)I don't think, that signature scents are a thing of the past. Even crazy people like us often crave a holy grail. Even I myself, having a rather small collection, have trouble deciding on what to wear sometimes and I wish for having one fragrance that I could reach for like it is the most natural thing in the world.Plus, being individual has become more important in the past decades, I think. Having a signature scent seems to be logical, from that point of view. So:Large collections are a thing of the past! :shock:
Casamorati - Bouquet Ideale (Eau de Parfum) - XerJoff
<mark>Dannyboy</mark>Dannyboy   26.03.2012 | Perfumes & Brands


...So far I've tried Nio, Uden and Mefisto. Very good, but yes, very expensive. I can live without 'em. No regrets. Thank God.
<mark>Dannyboy</mark>Dannyboy   19.02.2012 | Miscellaneous

Whose Oud is missing?

...What would an oud-fragrance by Etat Libre d'Orange smell like? Hmmmm...
<mark>Dannyboy</mark>Dannyboy   19.02.2012 | Miscellaneous

Whose Oud is missing?

...Yes, I´m tired of looking for oud as an identifiable note, too, when there simply is none and what you get instead is a dry, woody patchouli-fragrance, for example. Byredo, Jo Malone...So let's narrow it down to who should release such a fragrance with an identifiable oud-note, ok? :wink:
<mark>Dannyboy</mark>Dannyboy   17.02.2012 | Miscellaneous

Whose Oud is missing?

...There are still(! ;)) a few houses, that haven't released an Oud-scent yet. Recently I read, that Francis Kurkdjian is about to release one as well and I asked myself: why is there no Oud-fragrance by Andy Tauer? Shouldn't that be a perfect match?So: who do you think should finally come out with an Oud-fragrance, whose Oud are you waiting for?
Yuzu Man - Caron
<mark>Dannyboy</mark>Dannyboy   05.02.2012 | Perfumes & Brands

What do you think about Yuzu Man by Caron?

...There are no reviews yet, but I guess some of you have already sampled it.It's basically a citrus/wood-scent, which is probably not the most popular genre, but IMO it belongs to the better offerings of that kind. The quality is there.On the other hand, people might have been expecting something more unusual from Caron.What's your take on Caron's latest release for men?
<mark>Dannyboy</mark>Dannyboy   29.01.2012 | Miscellaneous

Cultural influence on perfume taste

...I think that personal hygiene, as Sherapop already mentioned, is a factor, that has become a lot more important in the past decades- not only in the US, of course. ;) Fragrances might just be reflecting this cultural development, or what do you think?
<mark>Dannyboy</mark>Dannyboy   14.01.2012 | Miscellaneous

Which perfume will be your next buy ?

...I have no idea, which one is going to be my next buy. Should I feel relieved or should I feel frustrated? I can't decide... ;)
Arooq Al Oud (Perfume) - Al Rehab

Middle-Eastern Perfumes

...Mukhallat Al Amin by Ajmal, right Flannelman? I got that one, too. Very sweet, yes, but a nice one compared with the other ones I ordered at that time. I don't remember the names though. Maybe Apicius can help me out. ;)
<mark>Dannyboy</mark>Dannyboy   08.01.2012 | Miscellaneous

Favorite notes

...I don´t have favourite notes, I guess. It all depends on how the notes are integrated.
<mark>Dannyboy</mark>Dannyboy   08.01.2012 | Miscellaneous

Favorite house ( Designer & Niche )

...I´m very impressed by Frederic Malle's line, although I don´t own anything by that house (yet?).Designer is a tie between Dior and Chanel (exclusive lines included).
L'Homme Sage - Divine
<mark>Dannyboy</mark>Dannyboy   06.01.2012 | Perfumes & Brands


..."L'Homme de Coeur" is one of my favourites, these definitely deserve one's attention.