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Perfume for girlfriend - a teenage girl. Help!!!

...Hi everyone,My girlfriend is 16, and I want to get her perfume for Christsmas.I know she likes VINCE CAMUTO - Fiore, Disney - Tink, Gucci - Eau de Parfume 2, Victoria Secret - Noir Summer, Marc Jacobs - Daisy Dream, Prada - Candy Florale, Lolita Lempicka - L'eau en Blanc, Jimmy Choo - Flash. I only know these buy looking on her . I'm totally a nube to the perfume world so I don't know what type are the ones I've mensionned, wheather they are sweet, strong etc.Just wanna know what type should I be looking for. I was thinking of looking for the equivalent in Channel or Dior, but I guess I'l wait for some advice. Thanks in advance