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Dark Smoky Fragrances

...That's a pretty broad genre - have fun exploring! Using Parfumo you can explore by note, search online, sniff and search online - and repeat...I have a couple suggestions of dark and smoky categories for you to help you navigate the crowded and hazy terrain, there are many examples in each category, I just list my favourites:Leathery incense: Amouage Tribute is an attar showcasing a strong leather with smouldering incense and tobacco. Spices and florals weave around these three supports - if you can get your nose on a drop it will be a benchmark for sure! Lots of Cuir de ... whatever fragrances are smoky, let your nose guide you. Oddly Mona d'Orio Vanille is a much more convincing smoky leather (and more...) than her Cuir.Smouldering rich cured tobacco: Parfums d'Empire Tabac Tabou is such a delectable liquor rich cured tobacco I'm never quite sure if it's drinkable or smokable.Campfire: Your choice, Andy Tauer's Lonesome Rider has his campfire in a warm evening meadow of flowers, Slumberhouse is in a deep dark pine forest with Norne's small signalling fire.Abstract: Comme des Garcons Black has all the black, but overall impression is of a slightly spicy stay ashy smoke slightly sweetened with liquorice. Also Etat Libre d'Orange Rien Intense Incense is on the surface a great smoky leathery incense but I somehow never lose the sense that it is created by cgi trickery - as if you could walk behind the screen and see the workings of it.Smoky incense: Andy Tauer's Incense Flash is a much darker take than his light and creamy Incense Extreme. The Flash smokes and buzzed and gives great bang for buck.Otherwise, if you interpret dark and smoky as an earthy smell, look out for peat as a fragrance note. Woods can give a dark and smoky vibe - of particular note Guaicwood, Oud, Wenge and amongst the resins Labdanim gives a buzzing heated electrics vibe. For woods and laudanum I'll recommend Tom Ford Tobacco Oud - it's loaded with lovely laudanum too.Of those you mention, I love Fumerie Turque, but it's never a dark and smoky, more unlit candy tobacco. If you know the stuff they put in Hookah pipes, you know the smell.
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Your Most Worn Perfumes

Love me an amber...
...Here's my stats from over a year and a half of Quite Religious Devotion to the scent-logging:41 xAmbra Etro37 xAmbre Russe Parfum d'Empire33 xVol de Nuit Guerlain32 xEssence Labdanum Donna Karan30 xTea for Two L'artisan29 xDrôle de Rose L'Artisan28 xMiel de Bois Serge Lutens25 xShalimar GuerlainJasmin et Cigarette ELd'O24 xDzing! L'ArtisanBaghari Rober PiguetIncense Extreme Tauer Perfumes23 xEau de Camille Annick GoutalBois de Violette Serge Lutens#22 Chanel22 xChamade Guerlain
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How do you store your samples?

...I favour the 5ml spray decants to get a real sense for a perfume and I also use these to keep a travel-size spray of all of my full bottles. At this 5ml size they are easy enough to store upright, uniform height and not too fiddly to retrieve.To store them, I use cardboard boxes that are the height of the decant vials. Sometimes perfume packaging boxes will serve: the 5ml glass sprays I like are a convenient height for Le Labo boxes and a cute round 'hat box' I have from the CdG Stephen Jones perfume is that height as well. Whilst the Stephen Jones box is for vintage Carons all in together, in the larger square boxes, I use cards cut to size to make dividers that keep things in neat lines. I indicate the fragrance name and house on the lid of the decant and keep them grouped by a system that makes sense to me and how I wear perfume - a combination of fragrance family/note/house. Some smaller vials I keep in old slide boxes - do you know the ones that housed small mounted photographic transparencies? But I don't have many of these except for attars - I tend not to hang on to smaller samples. If I'm intrigued enough by a tiny sample I'll get 5mls so I can really give it a few good wearings to decide if I'd like a bottle. If I'm not intrigued I pass them on to somebody else as soon as I can.