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Fugliest Bottles
EvaK 15.08.2013 | Miscellaneous
...This.... I've seen it in real life. It's a plastic spring, I swear!
10 years ago
Trip down memory lane : Perfumes you loved as a teen
EvaK 27.12.2012 | Miscellaneous
...I discovered perfume "for real" when I was 13, maybe 14 - around 1977. My first was Maderas de Oriente by Myrurgia - the next one was Opium - then Anaïs Anaïs. Moved on to Poison, Rive Gauche, Magie Noire, and Lagerfeld Chloè.All of these over the short span of years when they were released. I doused myself in them when on holiday in Spain in temperatures of 40C. Imagine that. :roll:
11 years ago
Storing & Organising Your Perfumes
EvaK 22.11.2012 | Miscellaneous
...I keep mine in a couple of drawers in my dresser - in their boxes, if I have them. They're organized by the "tetris principle" to make room for a s many as possible. That means boxes on top of boxes, bottles tuck in every small open space between boxes, etc. etc....I keep decants in the drawers too, in a couple of old cigar boxes. For the time being the perfumes I mostly use in the summer are in a box in the bottom of my wardrobe. Not too far away from the rest in case I want to wear them.I have a box with compartments for samples, not unlike the one Guusje displayed. Mine is in 3 layers and doesn't take up much space. There's no system in my samples at all. I tried, but had to give up on that!For the past 3 months I've kept my minis on display. There's a niche with glass shelves in the living room, and they look cute there. I'm trying to force myself to wear them now (I'm always afraid to use them up).
11 years ago
The functional no-nos of perfume bottles
EvaK 19.11.2012 | Miscellaneous
...My worst experience ever was when I sprayed straight into my eye. I practically tore out my contact lens, flushed for 2 hours, but had to give in and go to the emergency room. It turned out I had a scratch on the cornea. I had to wear glasses for 2 weeks (they told me 6 weeks, but hell no!), the contact was ruined, my eye was bloodshot, I couldn't see, and it hurt like HELL.Thank god cornea scratches heals in more or less a day or two. As for un-sprayable bottles... the worst one I've ever had vas Gres Cabaret. It's plain impossible to spray it with one hand. :evil:The Lempickas are annoying too. I can hardly find the sprayer, and when I do, it always seem to twirl and I spray in random directions. Maybe they have sort of an alternative intelligence of their own?
10 years ago
Scent of the Day
EvaK 11.11.2012 | Perfumes & Brands
...Olga1780:Because of all the packages he has to dump at the back door! :oops: He doesn't even bother to ring the bell anymore.:lol:I moved out to the countryside a couple of months ago, and realized something really funny:The mailman here never knocks on the door and wait for someone to open (the doorbell isn't working, if we have one. Not sure if we do). He just walks right in and leave the packages on the dresser in the hallway :D If I hear him/her I don't even manage to get out there before he's gone. IF I hear it, often those packages just seem to have appeared in the hallway by magic.
11 years ago
Feminine Leather scent
EvaK 01.07.2012 | Perfume Recommendations
...Cabochard is the most leathery leather perfume I ever tried myself. It opens a bit masculine, but becomes more feminine in about 15 minutes imo. It is, however, a no-nonsense, don't-mess-with-me perfume.There's also Miss Balmain - prominent leather, but more feminine and soft than Cabochard.Then of course there's legendary Habanita which is fabulous and definitely not masculine to my nose. :)(I don't know much about niche, so I can only suggest the mainstreams, sorry about that)
11 years ago