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<mark>Franfan20</mark>Franfan20   07.03.2021 | Parfumo Research

Adding perfumes to database

...Please note that this feature can be deactivated if the submitter continuously ignores remarks and follow-up requests. If submissions cause considerably more work than the actual benefit of the submission, we reserve the possibility to exclude such submitters.
<mark>Franfan20</mark>Franfan20   05.02.2021 | Parfumo Research

Garment fragrance

...We only list products that are to be used on the human body. Or have the option to be used on the human body (since some room and linen mists are declared this way).We also don't list diffusers, car fragrances and scented candles as well as garment fragrances.
<mark>Franfan20</mark>Franfan20   01.01.2021 | Parfumo Research

2 active perfumes by same house with exact same notes

...HatkaIf there is a product, which is in two versions: limited and unlimited, with the same notes, but in two different bottles of different capacity - should it be added as a new entry (in the database there is only one version)? No, we don't distinguish between different bottle sizes.
****** d'Oscar (Eau de Toilette) - Oscar de la Renta
<mark>Franfan20</mark>Franfan20   15.09.2020 | Parfumo Research

****** d'Oscar

...Due to an ongoing legal battle over the use of the word Esprit, the name of this fragrance is not fully displayed.
<mark>Franfan20</mark>Franfan20   30.11.2019 | Perfume Discussions

Valentino Uomo Intense

...I don't get why it says Luxury Products LLC instead of L'Oréal.
<mark>Franfan20</mark>Franfan20   09.09.2019 | Parfumo Research

Official Website

...Is it just me or is this website shown although no link is used in Parfumo's database set for this brand?
<mark>Franfan20</mark>Franfan20   30.11.2018 | Parfumo Research

Folie à Plusieurs / Moth and Rabbit

...The following fragrances will be marked in the data base as "unknown brand" from now on due to legal issues between the two brands mentioned in the subject header. "Mood Indigo", "La Haine", "Love Exposure", "Daisies", "Enter the Void", "The Duke of Burgundy" , "Blow-Up", "The Virgins / The Virgin Suicides", "The Lobster"We would therefore ask you to refrain from submitting revisions for these fragrances. We keep an eye on the story and will change it if necessary.
<mark>Franfan20</mark>Franfan20   12.10.2018 | Parfumo Research

Help needed: translation of notes.

...I changed it to cambodian oud. the way it is translated from the translator and I always thought it was translated to anyway.
<mark>Franfan20</mark>Franfan20   15.04.2018 | Parfumo Research

Sources - The following websites require special attention

...And should NOT be used in general or need further sources to verify the information stated.- Perfume48horas: Please do not use this website as a source. It is full of errors and wrong content.- Notino and all of its siblings: Do not use this website for notes and years. It is also full of errors and wrong content.- Oriental Style: This website lists multiple arabian scents that are not on the respective websites of the brands they are attached to. So please evaluate carefully before submitting wrong content. Also do not use it for notes in general (unless it is their own Oriental Style brand you are submitting).- Fragrantica: NEVER base a submission on fragrantica alone, unless there is proof they are using the official press material as a source. There are too many errors in their database (years, notes). [apparently they use 'fake' notes aka paper towns on purpose to find out who is stealing their content.] Please do not base any revisions for notes and release years on Fragrantica. If you use fragrantica make sure you find official sources that support the statements made there.- Luckyscent: Sometimes Luckyscent has errors when it comes to release years and perfumers. Please evaluate carefully.- Perfume Intelligence: Is full of errors and has wrong dates and years. Most years are estimated only (in italic). They even wrongly list products as perfumes which are none. Only use it as a reference, but please never solely on anything.Thank you.
<mark>Franfan20</mark>Franfan20   01.04.2018 | Parfumo Research

Official Website

...We only link the websites if the products can be found there @ Campelle.
<mark>Franfan20</mark>Franfan20   12.03.2018 | Parfumo Research

Official Website

...I will take care of outdated/expired links for websites.Just post in this thread and I will change it whenever I see it.Thanks.
<mark>Franfan20</mark>Franfan20   11.02.2018 | Parfumo Research

Note List

...In addition, in this specific case, Vero Kern gave us the notes herself.
<mark>Franfan20</mark>Franfan20   15.06.2016 | Miscellaneous

Noses to B&BW fragrances?

...You should be able to track all our info sources through the research system.If the info was entered prior to Research (May 2013, no history sheet visible), I can't tell it myself unfortunately.But we do our best ever since :wink:
<mark>Franfan20</mark>Franfan20   13.11.2015 | Parfumo Research

Parfumo Received Written Warning

...Parfumo can only accept the pictures if the censored word is not visible in the photo, so yes, please block it or turn the bottle :wink:Idiotic as it sounds, the person starting this all seems pretty much nuts to me. :lol:
<mark>Franfan20</mark>Franfan20   08.11.2015 | Perfumes & Brands

Scent of the Day

...I frankly ask you again to please reduce the image sizes when you use one and it breaks the side width.Please pay attention to it or we have to ask you not to post any embedded images anymore.You can also use the upload button on the bottom right of your post.
<mark>Franfan20</mark>Franfan20   25.09.2015 | Parfumo Research

New Perfume Company

...This is totally fine, Dorothy.Of course you can proceed right away with more proposals.(Waiting for the brand to be added makes it easier insofar as we might save one edit step if the rest of the protocol is filled out correctly with the data available. However it should not prevent you from adding anything right away.)I will take a quick look and add the brand to the list, so you can proceed.
<mark>Franfan20</mark>Franfan20   08.08.2015 | Miscellaneous

Weekly Scent Discussion #17: You Tube Reviewers

Re: Weekly Scent Discussion #17: You Tube Reviewers
...Briarthorn:I really like Ouch110, Our opinions align on many things, so I've leaned to trust his opinion (That name sounds so familiar to me, I swear I've seen it somewhere other than youtube...).He is a nice person for sure. We had contact on Fragrantica when he started the channel. He really made something out of a few videos by now :DMaybe that's where you know him from Ouch! on Fragrantica.I invited him over I guess, but his focus might be on the video reviews now (although he could implement them here).
Quatre (Eau de Parfum) - Boucheron
<mark>Franfan20</mark>Franfan20   22.03.2015 | Miscellaneous

2015 Releases

...yes, me neither. I back out of these sort of fragrances right away. either i'm not interested in general or they just don't smell good to me. regardless if the majority likes them. for example Bonbon by V&R smells just yuck. Or Si... I hate it because of this overly fruity-oriental cassis smell.But I don't think I'm influenced much by others. I'm testing Toy by Moschino now and having read so many bad things about Moschino I'm glad it's not that bad. It's a simple lavender cologne for sure, but not terrible. But yes, the marketing here is all. Never would buy it.
Quatre (Eau de Parfum) - Boucheron
<mark>Franfan20</mark>Franfan20   19.03.2015 | Miscellaneous

2015 Releases

...No, I have a real problem with supposed "berry" scents it seems. Amethyst smelled horribly synthetic. Berries and Cherries usually turn out plastic on me :?But Satine was no exception either, Lalique just isn't for me it seems :lol:
Quatre (Eau de Parfum) - Boucheron
<mark>Franfan20</mark>Franfan20   18.03.2015 | Miscellaneous

2015 Releases

...They don't have anything that stands out about them.Generic, indifferent fragrances that make it hard to describe anything in detail.Delices de Nina... forgettable (as all Ninas), sprayed on, smelled citrusy, poofAqva Divina... expected something interesting -> generic amber oriental soup, danger of headacheLPRNMRP -> didn't know the others before, smells like airfreshener, but is consistent with the other LPRNs (Edt, Couture), just unpleasant.Living Lalique... was ok, the first Lalique I liked, but it's not like you'd be wow'd about it.Watermelons... Pure watermelon scent seems to be hard to create. It smells of it in the first few minutes, then turns into some aquatic fresh scent that's just boring.compared with the prices, just let downs.
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