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<mark>Gsav</mark>Gsav   16.03.2013 | Perfume Consulting

Best web shops for samples

...Hello peoples, all of us are here because of one main reason, we all LOVE perfumes. This wonderful hobby has only one drawback and that is it's cost. When you are at the perfume store, you can test only so many before it all gets mixed up. And, in all that shopping panic you may choose not quite the perfect scent. The scent might've had great opening, but there was not enough time at the store to fully develop on your skins. As an undergraduate student biking to school I would often stop at a fragrance store and try a new scent. That way I would have time during the day to savor it and decide if it will be on my wish list. When the day to buy fragrance would come, I would just hope the lady at register will be nice enough and let me rummage through her samples before she chooses a random one. Today, married with a baby, times changed :D. No more time like I use to have. So I find samples are the best way to go in my scent discovery quest.So far I have found these online stores to be pretty good:www.myperfumesamples.comwww.luckyscent.comSo the question is: Where do you get your samples?