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Inspried by the Moon

..."Soir de Lune""Come la Luna""Cartier de Lune""Armani Code Luna""Eau de Lune""18 La Lune""Magical Moon""Honey and the Moon" by Tokyo Milk
<mark>Ineverwas</mark>Ineverwas   28.05.2012 | Perfumes & Brands

Which Miss Dior Cherie do you preffer?

...I loved the original version with the strawberries, caramel and popcorn notes - it was fun and alive. The newer versions are an attempt to make the perfume classier, more refined... unfortunately for them, the last two aren't either of these things, they're just more bland and uninteresting.
<mark>Ineverwas</mark>Ineverwas   27.05.2012 | Miscellaneous

Is it summer yet? your favourites when temperatures surge

...Twjb:I dont really rotate fragrances for the seasons. Call me crazy but I usually wear whatever/whenever. Crazy, I know. But I will try to make myself lean more towards seasonal fragrances once in a while.Same here... I try to wear more hot weather perfumes during summer but more often than not, I will wear whatever I feel like :)My favorite 'summer perfumes' are these:"DKNY Women""Emporio Armani She""Infusion d'Iris""No. 5 Eau Première""Aqua Allegoria Herba-Fresca""Thé Vert / Green Tea""Covet""Un Matin d'Orage""Eau du Sud""Ninfeo Mio""Magnolia Nobile""Water Calligraphy""L'Eau de L'Artisan""Versense""Missoni Aqua"
<mark>Ineverwas</mark>Ineverwas   05.05.2012 | Miscellaneous

Steer me to some excellent review blogs

...Some of my favorite reviews are here:
Noble Fig - Ferrari

Some thoughts on fig leaf

...Indeed fig leaf is a love or hate note for many. I personally enjoy it very much, it gives freshness and a beautiful leafy aroma to green perfumes. My favorite so far is "Ninfeo Mio", it's a gorgeous perfume, very natural smelling and it is my guess that it's the combo of fig leaf and amalfi lemon that I respond to the most.Also tried "Premier Figuier" but didn't do much for me (although I appreciate its beauty).
G-man (Eau de Cologne) - Gainsboro / Gainsborough
<mark>Ineverwas</mark>Ineverwas   03.05.2012 | Miscellaneous

Less likely to buy discontinued fragrances?

...Oh, yes, it's really sad to fall in love with a perfume that isn't being produced anymore... I've had the opportunity to test some discontinued fragrances and I'm now so in love with "Jour de Fête" but it's very hard to find it at a decent price anymore, or at all for that matter. I'm thinking about purchasing a bigger decant from The Perfumed Court... they still have perfumes that are discontinued.
<mark>Ineverwas</mark>Ineverwas   03.05.2012 | Perfumes & Brands

Scent of the Day

..."Bombay Bling!" - it's quite fun, with lots of mango and some green notes. Not a love but a definite like
Brit Red - Burberry
<mark>Ineverwas</mark>Ineverwas   19.02.2012 | Perfumes & Brands

Is Burberry Brit Red really discontinued?

...As far as I know, it is discontinued, but it can still be found online (probably from leftover stocks). You can also find a lot of bottles on ebay, at very nice prices.
<mark>Ineverwas</mark>Ineverwas   19.02.2012 | Miscellaneous

Scents From Hell - The Most Beautific Perfumes

..."Lonestar Memories"... it's strange and fascinating and also pretty much unwearable. It's a very brave composition, excellently executed but in the end I find it nauseating (beef jerky, anyone?).

your favourite sweetie

..."Vanille Absolument" by L'Artisan, smells like cold creme anglaise, cold milk and vanilla ice cream...
<mark>Ineverwas</mark>Ineverwas   31.01.2012 | Miscellaneous

Comments on perfumes: compliments and insults

Re: Comments on perfumes: compliments and insults
...DieNase:On the german site one of my favourite threads is the one, in which everyone can talk about reactions of other people towards the fragrances they were wearing. Perfumes can cause quite funny anecdotes sometimes...Well, I'll just start - although my example is not that spectacular (to tell the truth, I usually don't get that many reactions...):I was wearing l'Heure Bleue - well actually I was wearing several things because I had just been trying stuff. I was sitting in a cafe, when the waitor asked me, if I had burnt incense sticks at home. When I negated he asked if maybe at work. Nope. Then he asked if it might be a perfume. When I had him sniff my l'Heure-Bleue-arm he got a big smile saying "incense sticks" - and he wanted to know the name of the perfume (obviously he likes incense sticks). So far, I've got the most compliments for "l'Heure Bleue" and "Coromandel".One of my friends also told me my L'Heure Bleue smells just like incense sticks that she used to burn. She couldn't remember which kind they were though. It's funny because to me, L'Heure Bleue doesn't smell anything like incense sticks. :)
<mark>Ineverwas</mark>Ineverwas   29.01.2012 | Miscellaneous

What perfume have you bought recently?

...Decants of:"Immortelle Marilyn" (7ml)"Musc Ravageur" (10ml) (both from two members of Parfumo)"Vanille Absolument" (5ml)"Lonestar Memories" (5ml)
<mark>Ineverwas</mark>Ineverwas   24.01.2012 | Miscellaneous

The classiest scent in your wardrobe

...For me it's "Samsara"... I have other perfumes that also qualify as classy, but this is the one I feel I have to dress up most for
<mark>Ineverwas</mark>Ineverwas   15.01.2012 | Perfumes & Brands

Scent of the Day

..."Helene" by Rance 1795
<mark>Ineverwas</mark>Ineverwas   15.01.2012 | Miscellaneous

The Parfumo Travel Guide!

Bucharest, Romania
...Madison Perfumery6, Dorobanţi SquareLots of niche - Annick Goutal, By Kilian, Comme des Garcons, Clive Christian, L'Artisan Parfumeur, Creed, Nez a Nez, etc.Beautik Haute Parfumerie9, Radu Beller Again lots of niche (different from those at Madison) - Caron, Etat Libre d'Orange, Il Profvmo, Juliette Has a Gun, Molinard, Balmain, Robert Piguet, etc.Elysee Concept56th, Victoriei AvenueMore niche - Amouage, Etro, Keiko Mecheri, MDCI, Penhaligon's, Montale, etc.Also at Douglas (1, Unirii Square) they sell a lot of designer perfumes and some niche (Sisley, M.Micallef).
<mark>Ineverwas</mark>Ineverwas   13.01.2012 | Perfumes & Brands

Scent of the Day

..."Vanille Absolument" by L'Artisan
<mark>Ineverwas</mark>Ineverwas   12.01.2012 | Miscellaneous

Which perfume will be your next buy ?

...Very likely "Datura Noir" by Serge Lutens. But this will happen sometime in April (trying to stop buying and use what I have).But of course if I find a nice deal for "Musc Ravageur" I may slip anytime before April. :D
<mark>Ineverwas</mark>Ineverwas   12.01.2012 | Perfumes & Brands

Scent of the Day

..."Flower by Kenzo"
<mark>Ineverwas</mark>Ineverwas   11.01.2012 | Perfumes & Brands

Scent of the Day

..."L'Heure Bleue" and a spritz of "Angel Le Goût du Parfum" on my wrist (lovely, BTW)

favorite Gourmand note

...I usually love gourmand perfumes, especially those from niche and more expensive houses... I think cheap materials can ruin a gourmand even more than a floral or oriental.Vanilla, Chocolate, Cacao, Rum, Honey, Hazelnut, Almond, Coconut - these are my favorite gourmand notes.
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