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<mark>Isabelle1</mark>Isabelle1   28.02.2018 | Miscellaneous

Do you keep backups?

Back ups
...Oh yes, I keep back ups...when I love a scent and have worn it a few times with the results I desire...I immediately buy or chase ( when discontinued ) back ups...
<mark>Isabelle1</mark>Isabelle1   08.11.2017 | Perfumes & Brands

Alien flanker help

Alien liqueur de parfum
...Alien liqueur de parfum is heaven, the 2013, it is made as a limited edition, but it is still available, i have bought 4 bottles as back up, they are only available in beautiful 30 ml bottles, the sad thing is that they are no bargains...
J'adore (Extrait de Parfum) - Dior
<mark>Isabelle1</mark>Isabelle1   21.09.2017 | Perfumes & Brands

J'adore Dior PURE PARFUM

...I wonder if somebody else has the vintage PARFUM, so the real pure parfum of J'adore, I don't find any information on a perfume site, but I have it, even 2 bottles from 30 ml. I had written to Parfumo but no answer. It is divine, when I wear it (not often because it is very hard to find and rather expensive) every time there is somebody, a stranger to me, who comes end asks which perfum I am wearing, I have to say I layer them (due to the price end rarely to find) J'adore Eau de parfum and J'adore parfum. So I wonder does anybody else has it? I am definitely sure it is authentic, I know where I got them from, and have written to Dior,and yes it is discontinued...they gave me the advice to use the new extrait, but it is not the same, a bit less.
<mark>Isabelle1</mark>Isabelle1   09.11.2015 | Miscellaneous

Weekly Scent Discussion #18: Many or just a Few?

Storing fragrances
[email protected] you for your tip concerning the suitcases, because I have a collection of antique leather suitcases which I used for decoration in my bethroom, thanks to you I can fill them with my fragrances, but I still will no be able to "see" them but at least they are in the dark.
<mark>Isabelle1</mark>Isabelle1   09.11.2015 | Miscellaneous

Weekly Scent Discussion #5: Indie Oils

...I also have a box of those oils (around 30 different fragrances) Bought in the UK on the Internet. The name is. Around 6 months ago there was an article in the newspaper where the EU warned for those fragrances and make-ups on the Internet the claim was that by analyzing those products not so clean products were found in it (really disgusting), and it made me think, indeed there is no control whatsoever on them, so they are sitting there in the box I bought for them. No way that I will ever put them on my skin but I can put them in an oil burner as a homeperfume.
<mark>Isabelle1</mark>Isabelle1   17.09.2015 | Miscellaneous

Weekly Scent Discussion #18: Many or just a Few?

...I have a collection, not to big, but I wonder how do other people keep their collections ( sorry for my English it is not my language), me I also like to see them, And they have to be in the dark, ( I keep them in their boxes )if I am correct, I am gonna buy a new cupboard because the one they are in now, becomes to small, but I really like to see my collection. There is a lot of talk that perfumes can go bad, but I have a hard time to understand that, because wine witch has only an alcohol content of Max 13% can be kept for so many years in the right circumstances, and spirits (cognac whiskey etc) can be kept almost For ever and the alcohol content is max 45%, and they don't need special circumstances for keeping them. The pure perfume as they call it has an alcohol content of minimum 50% more 60%. The Eau de parfum around 70%, the Eau de toilette around 80% and the Eau de cologne almost 90%. So how can they go bad than if spirits with only 45% stay good for ever.If anybody can tell me the logic in it I would be happy, Although I am not a drinker myself, but good spirits is another moderation but I like to give them as presents to some family members who like really good cognacs, whiskeys etc, I also like to hunt for them and the satisfaction when I have found a rare one. But just this hobby made me wonder about how perfumes can go bad..
<mark>Isabelle1</mark>Isabelle1   12.09.2015 | Miscellaneous

What's the most popular in your country?

Perfumes in my country
...Here in Belgium i hear from my lady friends that they wear a lot of the perfumes were there is a lot of publicity on television etc..of, they wear it than till the bottle is empty as ( during that period) their signature shtttt ..and those fragrances with a lot of publicity overhere are of course:La vie est belleMademoiselle cocoNarciso RodriguezJ'adoreLady millionEspecially "la vie est belle"...Why are people so influenced by advertising....
<mark>Isabelle1</mark>Isabelle1   09.09.2015 | Perfumes & Brands

Herm├Ęs perfumes

...Hi, I am rather new and my language is not English so sorry in advance for my mistakes.24 faubourg : I had/have and really like...but I made two blind Hermes buys on the same day because there are other things from Hermes that I like, so I thought it was Hermes so it had to be good.1) Caleche soie de parfum....first time I used it I had to go after a little while to scrub it of, the second time I forced myself and it grew a bit on me, but that's about 2 months ago and i have not had the urge (or courage) to use it again.2) jardin sur le nil....for me horrible, I have lived for 18 months over a period of 3 years in Egypt workrelated, 2 weeks Europe, 2 weeks Egypt and so on ( I love the Egypt of back then) but...there are some things... Wel for me it smells indeed like the Nile at some places, not the best, in the heat of the hottest summer...I gave it to my partner and said it is unisex....but I see he doesn't use it neither. For me the juice really smells bad...