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<mark>Jacobtf</mark>Jacobtf   6 months ago | Perfumes & Brands

Has anyone read THE GHOST PERFUMER by Gabe Oppenheim?:)

Re: Brilliant
...PerfumeaholKSimply brilliant book. Creed new management must be still scratching heads about what the hell they bought. Explains so well why all the batches are so different. It explains it pretty well, but to be honest, I found it way too long. The whole thing could have been boiled down to half the length. That's why I'd rate the actual writing low. The information we got was certainly detailed, but in general most of it has been known for a long time. No one really believed the Creed backstory, did they? I mean it's been talked about for years how things didn't add up.
Le Mâle Terrible - Jean Paul Gaultier
<mark>Jacobtf</mark>Jacobtf   14.10.2020 | Perfumes & Brands

How good is Le Male Terrible?

...I got Le Male Terrible back in 2015 and it's getting close to being empty. It's not my personal favourite fragrance, but I do like it and my wife loves it. She thinks it's the best Le Male flanker. That's why I have "stretched" it quite a bit.
<mark>Jacobtf</mark>Jacobtf   14.10.2020 | Perfumes & Brands

What is your favorite vetiver fragrance?

...My fave is Nishane - Sultan Vetiver. Runner-up is Lalique's Encre Noir.Third place... hm, probably Hermes - Vetiver Intense.I love Guerlain in general, but their Vetiver isn't my favourite.