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<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   4 days ago | Perfume Recommendations

Masculine patchouli

...Hi, Of course taste for perfume is very personal. So it is hard to find a good match. Still, here’s a few suggestions. Hope it helps  "Patchouli Intense / Patchouli Homme (Eau de Parfum) | Parfums de Nicolaï" from a niche house that has received great praise. It’s masculine and has a unique, complex scent. My personal favorite at the moment.Maybe more unisex than masculine, but very well known and with great ratings across the boards is "Coromandel (Eau de Parfum) | Chanel" For a more affordable and classic gentleman style: "Héritage (Eau de Toilette) | Guerlain" From a more fashionable brand (although patchouli is always a bit dusty) "Patchouli Absolu | Tom Ford" good luck with finding a nice gift!
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   14 days ago | Perfumes & Brands

Banana Note in Dolce & Gabbana Sicily

...Indeed, I can’t think of any perfume that actually has a banana note listed. A quick scan in Parfumo’s database doesn’t return any familiar perfumes either.However, i do get a banana-like impression in "Jasmine OD / Bubblegum Chic | Heeley" and I read reviews of "Songes (Eau de Toilette) | Goutal" mentioning a banana touch. I’m wondering if that is a facet of the jasmin-sambac, which may also be present in Sicily?

Big Jasmine, Where Art Thou?

...Well this topic sure deserves a revival.  I’m a huge huge fan of white florals, and jasmin in particular. From delicate green to obnoxiously loud. As long as jasmin is the star player, I love it. A few of my favorites:"Jasmin et Cigarette | Etat Libre d'Orange" is simply brilliant. Indolic and somewhat on the animalic side. "Lust / Lady Flower (Perfume) | Lush / Cosmetics To Go" this one is a lot of fun, a party in itself. Indolic not animalic. Big and incredibly loud"Jasmin | Franck Boclet" dark brown and masculine. Heavy on spice and musk"Jasmin (2020) | Le Galion" somber and serious jasmin topped up with cumin"Joy (Eau de Parfum) | Jean Patou" jasmin on civet. One of my alltime favorites, modern version is more lily of the valley than jasmin, though"Jasmine OD / Bubblegum Chic | Heeley" focuses on the sweet and fruity aspects, with a tacky bubblegum impression at firstHoping to get my hands on soon:"À la nuit | Serge Lutens" "Sarrasins | Serge Lutens" love to hear all your suggestions, guys
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   3 months ago | Miscellaneous

A story about Ambergris

...Very interesting indeed. Lots of fun facts. Thanks for sharing!Quote:King Charles II of Britain is said to have enjoyed eating ambergris with eggs. Yumm 😂
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   4 months ago | Perfume Consulting

New Guerlain releases Yay or Nay

...From my point of view, this marketing overhaul comes a bit premature. I was just starting to get familiar with the L'art bottles, which are timeless art pieces. Same goes for the beehive bottles and the wooden Frenchy bottles. Only the élixirs bottles, I never liked those. Anyway.. Judging from the recent entries in the Parfumo database, the glasswork looks solid heavy quality. Not bad! I just hope that cap isn't too plastic-y. It is so BIG!
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   6 months ago | Perfume Recommendations

I'm looking for a stunning VANILLA perfume

..."Vaniglia | Mazzolari" has quite a cult following - the scent is completely vanilla-focused with just subtle nuances.
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   7 months ago | Perfumes & Brands

Prada's first perfume?

...I believe it is listed in Parfumo's database"Prada (1990) | Prada" Information is very limited though.
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   7 months ago | Perfume Consulting

Xerjoff batch codes

Grey market
...This is typical for so-called 'grey market' sellers. I suspect they do this to prevent their suppliers being traced. Buying top shelf perfumes from unofficial resellers, that’s asking for trouble.
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   8 months ago | Miscellaneous

Online perfume shops in Europe?

...Hi, I order nearly all my perfumes from online shops. Both bottles and samples.For designers I can recommend Notino.comNiches I order at NL based I have had bad experiences with FragranceX. Extremely slow shipping and awful customer care. Avoid at all time, I’d say.
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   8 months ago | Miscellaneous

Do you keep backups?

...Ah yes the fear of running out, even though we have dozens or even hundreds of bottles already. More than we will ever be able to finish. Typical hoarder behavior, of course. But still, that particular one must be in stock at all cost 😅 or two or three just to be sure 😅In my case, that is Habit Rouge, Mitsouko, Egoiste, Kouros, Aramis classic and Lalique’s Hommage a l’homme. The list is still growing 😆
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   9 months ago | Perfume Consulting

Little help. Legit Guerlain pour homme?

...Hi JFP ,The bottles look exactly like mine, I have bought them all in 2020. The color of the juice inside is more or less the same. May look slightly different due to the lighting. The fact that there's no box or cap could be because it was a tester bottle. The removal of batch codes is something you see more often on the grey market.Questionable yes, but I guess no immediate red flags. I'd advice to buy only if the seller has a decent reputation.
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   10 months ago | Perfumes & Brands

What is your favorite vetiver fragrance?

..."fat electrician" would be my least favorite vetiver with its nutty cream twist.
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   10 months ago | Perfume Consulting

How much is too much?

...Typically one on the wrist and one in the neck. Even less with the stronger perfumes.In my opinion, heavy sillage doesn't make you smell better, in the same sense that thick layers of make-up don't make you look prettier. 'overspray' is 'overkill'
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   10 months ago | Perfumes & Brands

Darkest smell...Halloween style

...Carlitos01 recently wrote a blog article on 'noir' perfumes. The perfumes listed in there seem to fit the description quite well.
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   11 months ago | Perfumes & Brands

What is your favorite vetiver fragrance?

...Spring almost here? How I wish haha.. Definitely Guerlain Vetiver

"Imagined" notes

...I totally get skittles from Guess - Seductive Homme
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   12 months ago | Perfume Recommendations

Fragrance for a waiter?

...Of all places, a winebar (or any restaurant for that matter) is where your perfume should NOT be noted. It interferes with the senses and draws attention away from the foods and wines.