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<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   10 days ago | Perfume Discussions
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   11 days ago | Perfume Recommendations

Looking for more lavender fragrances

...Some ideas:English Lavender / English Lavender WaterEnglish Lavender - old school and strong; all about the lavenderPour Un Homme de Caron (Eau de Toilette)Pour Un Homme de Caron Eau de Toilette - also lavender-heavy; not so much a typical fresh scent with its amber and muskJersey (Eau de Parfum)Jersey Eau de Parfum - Chanel's idea of lavenderBeau de Jour (Eau de Parfum)Beau de Jour Eau de Parfum - barbershoppyJicky (Eau de Toilette)Jicky Eau de Toilette - with a civet kickMon Guerlain (Eau de Parfum)Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum - sugary sweetOr if your're solely after the therapeutic effect of lavender, consider getting essential oil instead of perfume. You will get a single pure lavender scent.
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   27 days ago | Perfume Recommendations

Coca-Cola like fragrance recommendation

...Sorry I only know Pepsi scents 😜 kiddingI've heard of - but not tested myself - the following ones:Alla Corte del Re - Cedro Atlas II: ColaAlla Corte del Re - Cedro Atlas II: ColaBad Boys Are No Good But Good Boys Are No FunBad Boys Are No Good But Good Boys Are No Fun 212 VIP Black Extra212 VIP Black Extra
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   2 months ago | Perfume Discussions

What are your blind buy regrets?

...Pretty much all of those impulse buys. The more affordable, the more careless I get. Most of the time with disappointing result. Typically I wear them once and then find a way to get rid of them.White Musk (Eau de Toilette)White Musk Eau de Toilette Tea Rose (Eau de Toilette)Tea Rose Eau de Toilette Quorum (Eau de Toilette)Quorum Eau de Toilette Quorum Silver (Eau de Toilette)Quorum Silver Eau de Toilette One Man Show (Eau de Toilette)One Man Show Eau de Toilette Néroli IntenseNéroli Intense actually I decided to keep this one, but I never wear itGrey Flannel (Eau de Toilette)Grey Flannel Eau de Toilette Coriandre (Eau de Toilette)Coriandre Eau de Toilette Tabac Original (Eau de Toilette)Tabac Original Eau de Toilette Lapidus pour Homme (Eau de Toilette)Lapidus pour Homme Eau de Toilette Private Collection (Eau de Parfum)Private Collection Eau de Parfum Fresh SandalwoodFresh Sandalwood Noble Palo SantoNoble Palo Santo
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   3 months ago | Perfume Recommendations

On the hunt for more Chypre fragrances

...I have a few recommendable chypres in my collection. Warn u most are classic/vintage style (Some say dated) or smell like it Miss Dior (Eau de Toilette Originale)Miss Dior Eau de Toilette Originale - classic31 Rue Cambon (Eau de Parfum)31 Rue Cambon Eau de Parfum - double classicMitsouko (Eau de Toilette)Mitsouko Eau de Toilette - ultra classicJean-Louis Scherrer (Eau de Toilette)Jean-Louis Scherrer Eau de Toilette - an absolute killerCabochard (2019) (Eau de Parfum)Cabochard (2019) Eau de Parfum - affordable leather-chypre1000 (Eau de Parfum)1000 Eau de Parfum - full regalia floral chyprePour Monsieur (Eau de Toilette) / A Gentleman's Cologne / For MenPour Monsieur Eau de Toilette - my favorite (and only) masculine chypreAnd a few modern releasesOdalisqueOdalisque - possibly my favoriteDryadDryad - swampy greenLe Sillage BlancLe Sillage Blanc - swampiest green
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   5 months ago | Perfume Recommendations

Masculine Leaning Rose

...a few suggestions:ManRoseManRose - spicy roseHippie RoseHippie Rose - patchouli rosePerfume Calligraphy RosePerfume Calligraphy Rose - resinous roseand of course there are numerous Oud scents with rose. Personally I'm not a fan of those, so I cannot give a proper recommendation.
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   6 months ago | Perfume Recommendations

Neroli Fragrances

...DrHsgualBrutal in what degree? Some of the ingredients overlap with others in my collection.It's the musk that makes this one different. Most neroli fragrances have a fresh, clean type of musk that makes you have a 'freshly showered' sensation. This one contains a musk that goes exactly the opposite direction and gives a nasty funky experience. Perhaps you have heard of Kouros (Eau de Toilette)Kouros Eau de Toilette and how it is called 'animalic' sometimes. Well, Neroli AnimalisNeroli Animalis is 10 times Kouros in that sense. Makes a good conversation starter, but obviously not suitable for daily wear.
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   6 months ago | Perfume Recommendations

Neroli Fragrances

...Hi DrHsgual, here's a few suggestions:Acqua di Parma - this brand hits the sweet spot between designer and exclusive. pretty much their whole range is built around the cologne/neroli theme001 Fleur d'Oranger Petit Grain Bergamote001 Fleur d'Oranger Petit Grain Bergamote - 'affordable niche', pretty safe take on neroli+lavender in EDT concentrationLe Petit GrainLe Petit Grain - this is neroli in EDP concentration. straightforward masculine neroli+petitgrain on a long lasting woody baseNéroli IntenseNéroli Intense - EDP, top quality neroli with honey, unisexFleurs d'orangerFleurs d'oranger - EDP, opens with white florals that turn into a spicy neroli, unisexNeroli AnimalisNeroli Animalis - EDP, try at your own risk, this is a brutal animalic take on neroli
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   9 months ago | Miscellaneous

is it possible to ask here for help identifying a perfume?

...What a lovely asymmetric bottle! The name mentioned suggest something Indian/Hindi. So I went through the Parfumo database for all the perfumes made in India (which are not that many), but didn't find anything. Too bad!Anyway, hopefully someone else does recognize the perfume. Good luck with your search.

How Can Note Intensity…

...Do you mean that basenotes cannot be perceived as intense?
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   10 months ago | Perfume Recommendations

Doesn't have section for samples in the site?

...Hi Eyal, Parfumo has a Souk sections where people can offer their perfumes for sale or swap. Samples are also available there. Take a look ;)
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   10 months ago | Perfume Discussions

FAKE OR NOT? Versace crystal noir

...Hi, I have no experience in buying this particular perfume. The batch code may be an indication something is wrong, but then again the checkfresh database isn't perfect either.I used to consider Notino a reliable source. But nowadays I've come across a number of posts with odd looking bottles or boxes, asking whether they are fakes. Because Notino is a 'gray market seller', there simply is no 100% guarantee of authenticity.Have you tried contacting Versace customer care?
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   10 months ago | Perfume Recommendations

Masculine patchouli

...That is a great idea, very thoughtful. I would prefer it that way too. Good luck!
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   10 months ago | Perfume Recommendations

Masculine patchouli

...Hi, Of course taste for perfume is very personal. So it is hard to find a good match. Still, here’s a few suggestions. Hope it helps Patchouli Intense / Patchouli Homme (Eau de Parfum)Patchouli Intense Eau de Parfum from a niche house that has received great praise. It’s masculine and has a unique, complex scent. My personal favorite at the moment.Maybe more unisex than masculine, but very well known and with great ratings across the boards is Coromandel (Eau de Parfum)Coromandel Eau de Parfum For a more affordable and classic gentleman style: Héritage (Eau de Toilette)Héritage Eau de Toilette From a more fashionable brand (although patchouli is always a bit dusty) Patchouli AbsoluPatchouli Absolu good luck with finding a nice gift!
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   11 months ago | Perfumes & Brands

Banana Note in Dolce & Gabbana Sicily

...Indeed, I can’t think of any perfume that actually has a banana note listed. A quick scan in Parfumo’s database doesn’t return any familiar perfumes either.However, i do get a banana-like impression in Jasmine OD / Bubblegum ChicJasmine OD and I read reviews of Songes (Eau de Toilette)Songes Eau de Toilette mentioning a banana touch. I’m wondering if that is a facet of the jasmin-sambac, which may also be present in Sicily?

Big Jasmine, Where Art Thou?

...Well this topic sure deserves a revival. I’m a huge huge fan of white florals, and jasmin in particular. From delicate green to obnoxiously loud. As long as jasmin is the star player, I love it. A few of my favorites:Jasmin et CigaretteJasmin et Cigarette is simply brilliant. Indolic and somewhat on the animalic side. Lust / Lady Flower (Perfume)Lust Perfume this one is a lot of fun, a party in itself. Indolic not animalic. Big and incredibly loudJasminJasmin dark brown and masculine. Heavy on spice and muskJasmin (2020)Jasmin (2020) somber and serious jasmin topped up with cuminJoy (Eau de Parfum)Joy Eau de Parfum jasmin on civet. One of my alltime favorites, modern version is more lily of the valley than jasmin, thoughJasmine OD / Bubblegum ChicJasmine OD focuses on the sweet and fruity aspects, with a tacky bubblegum impression at firstHoping to get my hands on soon:À la nuitÀ la nuit SarrasinsSarrasins love to hear all your suggestions, guys
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   03.09.2021 | Miscellaneous

A story about Ambergris

...Very interesting indeed. Lots of fun facts. Thanks for sharing!Quote:King Charles II of Britain is said to have enjoyed eating ambergris with eggs. Yumm 😂
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   31.07.2021 | Perfume Discussions

New Guerlain releases Yay or Nay

...From my point of view, this marketing overhaul comes a bit premature. I was just starting to get familiar with the L'art bottles, which are timeless art pieces. Same goes for the beehive bottles and the wooden Frenchy bottles. Only the élixirs bottles, I never liked those. Anyway.. Judging from the recent entries in the Parfumo database, the glasswork looks solid heavy quality. Not bad! I just hope that cap isn't too plastic-y. It is so BIG!
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   14.05.2021 | Perfumes & Brands

Prada's first perfume?

...I believe it is listed in Parfumo's databasePrada (1990)Prada (1990) Information is very limited though.
<mark>Kurai</mark>Kurai   07.04.2021 | Miscellaneous

Online perfume shops in Europe?

...Hi, I order nearly all my perfumes from online shops. Both bottles and samples.For designers I can recommend Notino.comNiches I order at NL based I have had bad experiences with FragranceX. Extremely slow shipping and awful customer care. Avoid at all time, I’d say.
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