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<mark>Lah2o</mark>Lah2o   19.05.2015 | Miscellaneous

Your Most Worn Perfumes

...I really love that feature! It's really interesting to see what I'm really wearing. However, I started using it only recently and I've been doing this thing where I wear the same fragrance for 5 days in a row. Both to get to know them better and see whether they deserve a place in my collection. So my statistics may be a bit distorted.But back to the topic. Here is my top 14:14 x Guerlain Gourmand Coquin (was a part of "5-day challenge")10 x Mexx Woman (I've been trying to use up this bottle and have sprayed it before bed)10 x Van Cleef & Arpels Collection Extraordinaire Lys Carmin (was a part of "5-day challenge")10 x Diptyque Eau Duelle9 x Cacharel Amor Amor (tried to finish this bottle too so I brought it with me when I went to another city)9 x Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady9 x Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille (was a part of "5-day challenge")8 x Montale Chocolate Greedy (was a part of "5-day challenge")8 x Prada Infusion d'Iris8 x Lolita Lempicka L (was a part of "5-day challenge")8 x Gucci Guilty (was a part of "5-day challenge")8 x Estee Lauder Sensuous Noir (was a part of "5-day challenge")8 x Jessica Simpson Fancy Love (was a part of "5-day challenge")8 x Serge Lutens Chergui (was a part of "5-day challenge")
<mark>Lah2o</mark>Lah2o   08.04.2014 | Miscellaneous

What perfume have you bought recently?

...Well done everyone for not smoking! I haven't been quite as good because I was kind of supposed to be on a no-buy. But then there were some irresistible deals. You can guess what the result was.

What are your favorite Rose perfumes?

...Dulcemio:My "Noir de Noir" is a decant, and once I run out I'll be wanting to purchase a full bottle of something in the floriental rose realm.Can anyone recommend some rose frags similar to Noir de Noir?You could try "Portrait of a Lady" by Frederic Malle. It has a somewhat similar feel to it. PoaL is one of my favourite rose scents together with Noir de Noir.---I also love these roses:"Moment de Bonheur" Yves Rocher"Lyric Woman" Amouage"Une Rose" Frederic Malle"La fille de Berlin" Serge Lutens"Lipstick Rose" Frederic Malle

Celebrity perfumes: A thread

...I also really like Madonna's "Truth or Dare". I love gardenia and tuberose. A couple of years ago Hilary Duff's "With Love" used to be my favourite. I still like it quite a bit because it's so easy to wear. I often feel like that with woody scents.
<mark>Lah2o</mark>Lah2o   25.11.2013 | Miscellaneous

Which perfume will be your next buy ?

...I'd really love to have an amber perfume in my collection. I've found a favourite: "Ambra Aurea" by Profumum Roma. Another one I've recently fallen in love with is "Tam Dao" by Diptyque.
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Comments on perfumes: compliments and insults

...Hi everybody, I just discovered this site yesterday and it has been fun reading all your replies! So far I've heard two comments regarding the perfume I was wearing that I will probably never forget.I was having a really, really lovely evening in a fine restaurant with my boyfriend. Before leaving I sprayed some Frederic Malle's Portrait of a Lady on me in the restroom. When we left the restaurant hand in hand my boyfriend took a good sniff and said "Mm, you smell like the woman of my life."Another time I was wearing Comme des Garcons Incense series Zagorsk. The goddaughter of my boyfriend told me I smelled "funny, like nose spray" O_o