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Tabac Blond (Eau de Parfum) - Caron
<mark>MasterLi</mark>MasterLi   16.09.2014 | Perfumes & Brands

Tabac Blond

...Larimar:The original Tabac Blond and the vintage Habanita Extrait were definitely linked. The opening blast of the original Tabac Blond also clearly reminded me of Knize Ten. However, it is soon obvious that the original is loaded with animalics. It does remind me of the great Lanvin classics from the 1930s. If you deducted the florals (sweetness) from them, they could all - Tabac Blond included - be variations on the same theme. I also found Patou's Normandie slightly reminiscent of the original Tabac Blond. I admit I was a bit underwhelmed by the old stuff, maybe also because I am well familiar with the great Lanvins. Today Tabac Blond is so unique and there is nothing like it in its composition and blend (extrait concentration!). I only have a small decant of the old jus and I bet there are people here who hoard a bottle or two... :)Actually as soon as I tried Tabac Blond I immediately thought of Habanita (and vice versa). I think Tabac Blond is a masterpiece! Habanita to me is like a dirtier, sexier version of Tabac Blond (and Shalimar). The three are linked in my opinion. People say that Shalimar is a bad girl, but to me Habanita must be a very very bad girl (compared to what Shalimar is!).