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Good-smelling cheapies are hard to find
Merlina 03.08.2015 | Miscellaneous
...I'm curious about Grey Flannel , so cheap and so many good reviews! I should get it ! My favourite chippie is L'aimant de Coty. Bought 15 € on ebay and it is one of my favourite bed scents. People on fragantica compares it to chanel n5. I don't agree on this , it's certainly very aldehydic at the begining but it has nothing to do and I prefer L'aimant ;) . Longevity is moderate but it is worth the price.By the way I don't see either the resemblance of Cologne the Missions with Spiritueuse Double Vanille.... Cologne on my skin it's too synthetic.Another amazing chippie is L'eau des Baux. Based on Tonka and Vanilla it is not too sweet and as some people compares it with Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille.....well I just say I can't stand TV (headache) and I find this one a great blend !!
9 years ago
Comments on perfumes: compliments and insults
Merlina 08.12.2013 | Miscellaneous
...I get a lot of compliments when I wear Gourmand Coquin, I think people who are not into perfumes, prefer gourmand ones. A collegue at work and my father-in-law appreciate it.By the way, the worst comment I've ever heard it was from my father-in-law. My husband was wearing Dark Oud and his father suddenly said...."You smell bad" "What do you mean with bad?" "It's better you don't know what it seems to me" A bad comment about L'heure bleu, came from a 15 year old girl: "Has somebody sprayed air freshener? I'm getting sick!!" NOT POLITE AT ALL! And I had just sprayed once! So, there's people who hates perfume and who doesn't complain when they are sitting next to someone smelling to tobacco smoke.Anyway, I like perfumes for me, I don't wait people compliments, when they say something is just "Oh, you smell good" . Someone has said that to me wearing: Patchouli imperiale, Musc Ravageur ,Jubilation 25.. and I dond't remember what else. Normally, nobody says nothing.
11 years ago
The Tragedy of Discontinued Fragrances
Merlina 08.06.2013 | Miscellaneous
...Apicius:Yes, sometimes the prices are extraordinary.One of the highest prices I have seen is for a 30 ml decant of "Djedi":, a friend of mine still has a bottle of Djedi in his wardobe. Should he lock it into a safe?OMG!! :?
9 years ago