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<mark>Milliexo</mark>Milliexo   9 months ago | Perfume Recommendations

Recommendations for common ground

...Hello!! I’m brand new here and excited to have found a community who enjoy scents as much as I do. I am looking for recommendations for a perfume that my husband and I will both love. It’s been tricky because we have very different taste in fragrance. I really love vetiver, woodsy, oud, musk, bamboo, sandalwood, bergamot. I have been known to wear men’s or unisex fragrances. Some of my favourites are: Le Labo Rose 31, Creed Aventus for him, Creed Aventus for her, Armani Babylon (the old formula) dolce and Gabbana light blue. My husband loves anything super sweet. Think Brittany Spears perfume, or pink sugar body spray. He also likes coco Chanel mademoiselle.I would love to find something that we both like :)