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<mark>Nerys</mark>Nerys   06.04.2021 | Miscellaneous

Online perfume shops in Europe?

...Looking for online shops in Europe?Has anyone ordered perfumes from EU delivery to EU?Has anyone in EU recently bought from USA like at FragranceX and how did it go?
<mark>Nerys</mark>Nerys   06.04.2021 | Miscellaneous

How do you or where do you have your parfum?

Re: How do you or where do you have your parfum?
...MartaFrostI have a poblem to find a perfect glas cabinet for my bottles. I will like to se your photos, please to get ideas.I have no picture. A small wood cabinet with doors 1.50 tall 85 cm wide house my fragrances, makeup, toiletries, empty perfume bottles I collect the pretty ones. Full sizes keep in boxes. Samples I have the newer ones in empty cookie tins. Older samples I keep in a little cardboard box with lid. It is dark and cool and things keep well. I think about glass display but sunlight is not good for perfumes. On my night table have few nearly empty bottles and samples with few drops, for bed time use.
<mark>Nerys</mark>Nerys   06.04.2021 | Perfume Recommendations

Re: mid 60's woman, looking for a new signature scent.

...WentogymMy current collection:Gauthier Classique EDP and EDTMyth Ellis Brooklyn (I wrote a review about the weird atomizer that was jet-like)Youth Dew (I can hear groans, but it brings back fond memories) M-A-C turquaticI don't want to be the older woman that wears too much of something that no one but her likes!I am 61 and last years is a variety of Fragonard and ZARA full sizes I use. Samples I buy from Histoire D'Parfums , Atelier Cologne etc. And other scents from my collection. Miss the perfumes from the 60s 70s.
<mark>Nerys</mark>Nerys   10.05.2019 | Miscellaneous

Blind Buys - Are you a risk taker? Best + Worst Experiences

...cItypark:For me it is not necessarily an urge to blind buy but a "necessity" when one can not test the perfumes. Many perfumes I am interested in are not in perfume shops, yes I could order samples, but when in the EU it is annoying with all the regulations and extra taxes and not all online sellers ship to here... So, I actually bought many bottles blind.Same here. Lately I blind buy ZARA perfumes.
<mark>Nerys</mark>Nerys   10.05.2019 | Miscellaneous

Dupes - your top five

...Reve Indien by Fragonard is similar like a dupe of 1980s Shalimar by Guerlain which I wear many years in my 30s.
<mark>Nerys</mark>Nerys   15.12.2016 | Miscellaneous

Tragedy. When perfumes turn

...Perfume oils will go rancid with time. So use them and only buy small size.Keep in dark cool place not on display.
<mark>Nerys</mark>Nerys   15.12.2016 | Perfumes & Brands

House of Miro

...From the time I still used to be able to go shopping one of the last inexpensive sets I bought was Paradise - Miro. Just this week I was shopping online at and see that Miro had new scents but under same names and different shape bottle in 50 ml instead of the 75 ml. There are still bottles of 75 ml sold at site. Since I am homebound does anyone have any of the scents and which do you like/prefer?
<mark>Nerys</mark>Nerys   08.12.2015 | Perfume Recommendations

Galimard which 6 for set?

...I am thinking of buying the Galimard set of 6 bottles of 15 ml, which 6 to buy?
<mark>Nerys</mark>Nerys   09.08.2014 | Miscellaneous

FragranceX and testers?

...Has anyone bought testers at FragranceX ?
<mark>Nerys</mark>Nerys   09.08.2014 | Miscellaneous

What are you waiting for in the mail right now?

...Received in mail this week 6 samples from Histoires de Parfum the 3 tubereuses , blanc violette, 1826 and ambre 114. I think on my to buy list goes tubereuse 3 for autumn/fall.Also in mail 5 re-buy samples from Atelier Cologne.
<mark>Nerys</mark>Nerys   21.07.2014 | Perfume Discussions

Where to get Shalimar pure perfume?

...HiThe Guerlain website seems to be down until July 22. I was going to email them about where to buy their perfumes online. The shops sometimes have old stock so I wanted a valid advice from them.
<mark>Nerys</mark>Nerys   21.07.2014 | Miscellaneous

Do you keep your samples?

...Yes I keep my samples. I can never buy all the perfumes I like so samples are a way to wear a perfume a few times and enjoy it. I never went to buy a full size from a sample. I am mostly home so my full sizes are mostly sort of daily wear fragrances. I also like miniatures and travel sizes if I can buy them. I also like to buy samples sets straight from the perfume houses.
<mark>Nerys</mark>Nerys   21.07.2014 | Perfume Recommendations

Oakmoss buys?

...With the new perfume/IFRA rules which oakmoss perfumes do I buy before they are all unavailable/not sold anymore?
<mark>Nerys</mark>Nerys   28.06.2013 | Miscellaneous

What perfume have you bought recently?

sample bottle
...Came with the post yesterday the perfume sample Oil Fiction - JHAG
<mark>Nerys</mark>Nerys   15.05.2013 | Miscellaneous

List of old perfume houses ?

...Late last night I was google searching for the old perfume houses for a list of them. I found a few sites but they seem incomplete. I am looking for lists that mention both the long gone old perfume houses, the houses that were bought up by mayor companies like P&G , L'Oreal ,etc and the list of still existing old perfume houses. Maybe there is a more complete list somewhere?
<mark>Nerys</mark>Nerys   14.05.2013 | Perfume Discussions

Best web shops for samples

...At you can buy sets of minis etc I bought one of florals coffret naturelles 7ml 5 bottles and got free 3 towellette samples which you get to choose at check out.
<mark>Nerys</mark>Nerys   12.05.2013 | Miscellaneous

If you could have your own perfume/cologne ?

...For people travelling to or living in France the perfume houses like Fragonard offer a perfume workshop making your own fragrance see for info.also perfumeworkshops at
<mark>Nerys</mark>Nerys   12.05.2013 | Miscellaneous

Samples from Houses - best experience

...Patience in waiting for the ones I ordered recently.