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Winter's coming, what is your favorite fragrance to wear.

...I love Brecourt FarahAs well as "Tan_d_Epices"I have been wearing Annayake's Miyako quite a lot, and recently "Le_Pamplemousse"- I love aromatic citrus in winter, I think they really compliment the atmosphere, the spices (cinnamon, cloves, ginger). But really I have so many other favourites, too many to list :)

How much is too much?

...It depends. If I'm at work, I spray one or two sprays of something light. If I'm at home, I spray all over copious amounts. If I know I'll be on a public transport, I mostly avoid overspraying, as I once spent a horrendous bus journey behind a guy who clearly loved his cologne, I unfortunately didn't :) So it's all about when and where :)

Forest and Melancholia scents

...LesNez Unicorn Spell may be up your alley.

In pursuit of Scandal

...Ebay maybe... Or email Primark directly. Otherwise, once it's gone from the stores, it's usually gone for good, unless you buy second hand.

Serge Lutens - Section d'or - TO BE DISCONTINUED !

...Not been up to date with the news, but Im not surprised. The price is massive, discouraged me from even testing.Now, this is not entirely out of line with their philosophy, Lutens said in an interview I recall that he believed perfume should be luxury, and he did not really mind if it was unaffordable, as it is not necessarily meant to be (I am paraphrasing now), but maybe udner Shiseido the sales became a bit more important :) Would love them to lower down the price on Gratte Ciels and release tose in 50 ml, £300 is still quite steep.
Black Cashmere - DKNY / Donna Karan

black cashmere (in oval bottle)

...I have both- the black stone bottle and the newer version, and find them almost identical, hardly any difference. Both are now discontinued, so I'd go for either if you can get them at a decent price.

The best Keiko Mecheri?

...For me, Loukhoum (all versions), Ume, Peau de Peche (if you can get an older bottle)... Quite a few other ones of you like gourmand scents, Lunea is lovely.

Keiko Mecheri - reformulations?

...So this is something I was wondering. A few years back I tried Keiko Mecheri Peau de Peche when they were still in the black bottles, and it was a delicate, but still very distinct peachy smell with an oomph, it was lovely and juicy and creamy. I recently tried the same perfume in the new, 100ml clear bottle. Barely smelled anything at all, I had to spray around 10 sprays and stick my nose close to my wrist, and barely got any peach at all, it smelled more like a weak shampoo. Was it a badly kept tester, or did the scents overgo some tragic reformulation?