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Coca-Cola like fragrance recommendation

Re: Coca-Cola like fragrance recommendation
...ScentedFawnJasmin17Hello everyone! I am searching a Coca-Cola like fragrance. Could you recommend a fragrance which smells like Coca-Cola at middle or base notes? I know it is not a tipical kind of scent that everyone can like but my boyfriend asked for it 😁 He likes that kind of fragrances Thank you very much 😊Hello there! Paris L.A by Lab on fire has a distinct Coca Cola note along with other gourmand notes! Oud Bleu Intense by Fragrance du Bois also gives me some Coca Cola vibes with lemon added as well as Edenfalls by Micallef also has an effervescent Coca Cola thing going on! Hope this helps! Many hugs 🌸Oud Bleu Intense by FDB gives you some Coca Cola vibes? Hmm , interesting. I'm into my third bottle, never have I ever thought about it giving me fizzy cola vibe...
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Do you keep backups?

...Only back up bottle I keep buying is Sahraa Oud.
<mark>PetarMolnar</mark>PetarMolnar   10 months ago | Perfumes & Brands

Fragrance du Bois

...I still have fine FDB collection. Oud Bleu Intense Santal CompletNew York IntenseSahraa Oud If you ask me, you only need 2 of them in your collection. Oud Bleu Intense and Sahraa
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Scent of the Day

...Vanilla Diorama by Dior. If you ask me, its just nicely balanced and soothing Tobacco Vanille by TF. Easier to wear during day time.