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Weekly Scent Discussion #18: Many or just a Few?

...I don't know if my collection fits under the term "massive" but I haven't yet met anyone - at least in Denmark where I live - who has a similar collection. I agree with you, Briarthorn, that very few people understand my interest and the fact that I love smelling new perfumes just because they exist. It is like owning a painting. It is decorative, yes, but does it do anything? Not except from making me happy.I am not very good at sniffing my way through the layers, recognizing the notes. To me a scent is like music: it makes better sense to me if I listen to the harmonies and get the feeling instead of breaking it up into pieces. But I do see the fun in challenging yourself, finding as many of the notes as possible.I guess we all have our different interests in this forum, but I can only say that it is so great being here with all you people, being able to discuss my favourite topic. Thanks a lot!
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Your Most Worn Perfumes

...11x ivoire de balmain (I really adore!)10x absolu rochas (heaven in a bottle)9x rive gauche (an alltime favourite, classic and born in a great year)These 3 belongs to my top ten...
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Dupes - your top five

...1. S.T. Dupont intense pour femme - Gucci Eau de parfum2. S.T. Dupont, Miss Dupont - Miracle by Lancome3. Gianfranco Ferre Essence d'Eau - Poeme by Lancome4. En avril un soir by yves rocher - Rive gauche by YSL5. Dancing lady by oriflame - Noa by Cacharel

Help needed to identify perfume

...Sleuth, the same idea appeared to me when first looking at it. But I am not sure.Scarletting, there is nothing in the bottom, and no brand name either.

Help needed to identify perfume

...I bought some perfumes from a lady today. One of them I can not identify. It reads BROOE... on the front, I guess but I am not sure and the last 3-4 letters are missing more or less. Has anyone of you seen this somewhere else, and can you tell me what I have bought? Thanks a lot!
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Blind Buys - Are you a risk taker? Best + Worst Experiences

...I make blind buys all the time. This is my way of experiencing new combinations and even though it is expensive, it is also great fun. I have a few rules: I don't buy celebrity fragrances and I try to stay away from flankers. But apart from this, I buy when the gut feeling is right. I do pay a lot of attention to the reviews on this site but there have to be some specific adjectives in the majority of them for me to stay away from a scent. A note that I am always careful about is musk, since I may be disappointed.My worst blind buy is Folies de Saisons - L'Eau A la Bouche en Ete. It simply does not smell right.In comparison I have made so many wonderful blind buys that one bad experience can not ruin anything.
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Are there perfumes not suitable for you?

...I experience the same as Sweetgrass with musk. I buy lots of scents without testing - but I always check the notes first and if musk is among them I test it before buying. One that does not suit me is Noa by Cacharel. It makes me feel dirty and reeking of sweat. I can wear scents with musk, though. Passenger by ST Dupont is one of my favourite scents. So I guess it depends on the other notes. If there are citric notes, then the musk is not so offending. But combined with heavy flower notes I have to pass.In my opinion, taste changes over the years. Maybe the ability to smell becomes less efficient. In my highschool years Poison was the big thing. A friend of mine wore it every day and to me it smelled like moulded clothes, left damp in a closet and catching that distinctive smell of attic. I couldn't stand it. But now I like the scent. I have smelled it several times and consider it a well-composed classic.

LR racine fragrances

...I have come by 4 LR Racine fragrances without labels and in similar shaped bottles. I guess they are from a box with several from the same company, so originally one has been able to read the names on the box. Unfortunately the box no longer exists so now I am trying to work out which one is which. Can anyone help me?This week's scent is very similar to Poême. It starts out with strong Narcissus and Mimosa and has no hints of fruit at all. After an hour amber and a sniff of musk appears. It lasts no longer than two to three hours.The colour is warm yellow

Looking for a new peach-scent

...dreaming by Tommy Hilfiger is a nice and not so expensive peach scent.

What are your favorite Rose perfumes? favourite is Rose - by Jasper Conran