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<mark>PontNeuf</mark>PontNeuf   15.12.2015 | Miscellaneous

The magic of special occasions & your scent for it

...No such thing for me (anymore). I grab for what my mood wants me to. Can be an expensive one or a long as it makes me feel me perfume is an accessory, not a treasure to lock away for those rare moments that too often will not come anyway...
<mark>PontNeuf</mark>PontNeuf   15.12.2015 | Miscellaneous

Weekly Scent Discussion #18: Many or just a Few?

...Reason tells me not to have a large collection but the rest of my brain (it is the dominating part) ignores that completely. Since I made peace with myself to simply accept my addiction I have been feeling better :-)I try not to see perfume as holy grails, I bought them to be used, not to decorate a shelf or, if one goes bad (which has not yet happened so far) or I lose interest in one the world is still OK :-)
<mark>PontNeuf</mark>PontNeuf   01.12.2015 | Miscellaneous

Which masculine scents can be worn by a woman?

..."Akowa" by MicallefMasculine (I smell lavender with vetyver) but at the same time soft with cocoa in the background. It has a soapy feel and smells "vintage" to me which is not a bad thing for me. I bet Marlene Dietrich would have like that one.
<mark>PontNeuf</mark>PontNeuf   15.08.2015 | Miscellaneous

Good-smelling cheapies are hard to find

...Got myself a bottle of 100% Ciara the other day and am currently waiting for a 15EUR bottle of 40ml John Galliano.....which I think is a pretty good bargain, new and unboxed.
<mark>PontNeuf</mark>PontNeuf   07.07.2015 | Perfumes & Brands

Sniff Fest - Serge Lutens

...Monsieur Serge´s relatively new offering named "Tuberose Criminelle" found ist way into my perfume wardrobe. After the rather strange (but nonetheless fitting) opening with evergreen the tuberose shows its beautiful face. On me I find this scent pretty tame and non-challenging. Pleasantly floral in total.

Weekly Discussion #11: Celebrity Scents. Let's analyze.

...I fully agree with you that after all it´s purely a matter of taste. Same as with movies, literature, music or outfit styles and as with all fields in which humans roam with their personal view there will be highly discussed differences :-) Jerry Cotton vs. Dorian Grey, so to speak :-) I think someone should write a novel letting both meet and solve a crime case :-) Sorry, I am drifting away from your interesting topic.Celeb scents are often scoffed at. True. I admit I have sinned with vanity, too, thinking that my exquisite taste cannot be at all represented by something as tacky as a Rihanna scent :-/ I admit this kind of thinking is foolish and certainly not fair and I have already made a big exception from my priniciple.I own Dita von Teese´s "Erotique". When I decided to purchase this scent I began to analyse why I was willing to do so. I came to the conclusion : I like Dita. And maybe I was also sold for that sleazy but yet appealing perfume name (please don´t judge me *g*). And maybe also the very alluring low price made me think no harm can be done in buying the stuff and seeing how much I will like it in the long run."Erotique" is a deadringer for Comme des Garcon´s "Wonderwood". Two different price levels, niche vs. celeb. Ouch. What a sacrilege of holy niche perfumery ! To even dare comparing these scents. I do, nonetheless. I once owned "Wonderwood" and sold it because it caused me terrible migraines. With an issue like that the actually beautiful scent did nothing for me."Erotique" did not make my head hurt and it smells very nice. Unlike other celebrity perfumes it is pretty unsweet, almost masculine. The bottle is no piece of art but OK. I am not a bottle collector anyway."Erotique" showed me that I can move away from my sometimes biased views. Owning and wearing this scent did not ruin my perfume wardrobe nor did anyone come up to me saying, "Oh no, she´s wearing THAT celeb stuff again." Admitted, I am not so much anymore into fruity-floral-musky stuff like Lancome´s "La vie est belle" (which is, IMHO, the perfect scent caliber for a standard celeb scent) and so Dita´s scent was different from the start and hence attractive to me.Maybe very young buyers are more susceptible to celebrity merchandise and so the Rihanna-Madonna-Heidi Klum-juices are directed with emphasis on this particular peer group.....older brawls like me appreciate some good old Opium and Poison and terrorise their surroundings with that *lol* :-)I forgot to mention another one I have dearly loved since teen age : Gabriela Sabatini. She may not be a celebrity anymore but in the 80s she was one of THE tennis stars. Guess we can count her in this discussion. Not a floral-fruity one either.....she got me hooked over decades with a woody-floral composition.Are expensive niche houses always better than cheapies ? I came across some pretty stinky niche scents worth a small fortune. One thing is for sure : I will never ever have "Woman X" on my skin as long as my nose is alive. Go figure :-)And psssttt : I have always had a liking for Elizabeth Taylors "White Diamonds" but please do not tell anyone :-)

Weekly Scent Discussion #9: How do you love your rose?

[email protected] :I must admit I only smelled "Lady Vengeance" once. As far as I can remember it is almost the same scent as the "extreme" version. Almost. The "extreme" version is much more patchouli-laden than the regular Vengeance scent. In my opinion LV was softer with a bit less sillage. So, if you prefer more of the rose and less of the earthy bytones I would recommend to test the LV.Both scents are very nicely done, maybe it is just my twisted scent brain but I usually fall for "extreme" or "noir" versions :-) The LV would have been an equally good choice for me.
<mark>PontNeuf</mark>PontNeuf   10.05.2015 | Miscellaneous

Weekly Scent Discussion #8: Those notes that you rock.

...Patchouli Incense / Labdanum / Styrax / OppoponaxSpices (cloves !, cinnamon, vanilla, tonka etc.)Herbs (rosemary, thyme, mint, laurel)Lemon / Orange Tuberose / Gardenia / Rose / Iris / Violet SandalwoodNot so pleasant on me / less easy to wear :- Vetiver (often turns awfully sour on me)- Honey (oh my.....too animalic with my chemistry)- Grapefruit (does NOT smell like lemon on me, it turns into catpee...there goes my dream to ever wear Pamplelune)- Lily of the valley, syringa/lilac (I love smelling the real flowers but not in perfumes)- Aquatic notes often turn quite synthetic and harsh on me- Neroli (I really like it but it does not like my skin, it turns out rather synthetic and unpleasantly soapy on me)- Cedar (smells ultra masculine on me, that often ruins it for me)- Leather (often a fail on me with only a few exceptions)

Weekly Scent Discussion #9: How do you love your rose?

...Great timing, Briarthorn :-) It so happens I wore a soliflore rose scent today :-)I started out with roses in an oriental setting and in chypres but recently I also have moved towards the soapy/romantic type of rose. Today I wore Crabtree & Evelyn´s "Evelyn Rose" which overall got rather negative reviews in some forums but I must say it is a lovely one. There is a slightly fruity touch to it but no patchouli, no amber, no vanilla (at least not on my skin) and that makes this one rather stand out in my collection.Yes, it may smell terribly dated and old-lady-like but such a soft and unsexy rose comforts me and gives me a friendly hug. Some other rose fragrances I really dig are :"Fashion Decree" by Atkinson --> Chypre, lots of patchouli. Has a rather cool/reserved aura, almost austere. Anna Wintour in a bottle :-)"Coco" by Chanel --> Peppery and sexy, warm, glowing with sensuality. A classic, one of my all-time staples."Knowing" by Estee Lauder --> Chypre, dark, mysterious, Titania´s realm as a perfume. Masterpiece, I would not want to ever be without it."Very irresistible L´Intense" by Givenchy --> Fruity-floral, gothic girl between teen and grown-up, soft and sensual. Plum lingers in the background. I have worn it on and off for some time, actually I enjoy this one more than I admit :-)"Vengeance Extreme" by Juliet has a gun --> Chypre-oriental, loads and tons and gazillions of patchouli leaves mixed in that concoction. Earthy. leathery, smoldering and yet somewhat soft, a demanding kiss of roses. Wonderful ! "Black Aoud" by Montale --> Oriental, much has been said and written on this one. Some love it, some hate it. I love this plushy dark red rose and the tangerine that softens the patchouli vibe. Ultrastrong formulation but phantastic with one spray under clothing.If someone is into a fruity and soft rose scent I recommend Atkinson´s "Rose in Wonderland". Romantic and very lady-like.The more well-known roses such as "Chloe" and "Paris" (YSL) are not my cup of tea. There is something in there that just does not harmonize in my opinion....I am still guessing what this might be.
<mark>PontNeuf</mark>PontNeuf   03.05.2015 | Perfumes & Brands

Scent of the Day

..."All good things" by LushThe most difficult scent in my wardrobe. It scares the wits out of me but I love its quirkiness.
<mark>PontNeuf</mark>PontNeuf   01.05.2015 | Miscellaneous

Weekly Scent Discussion #6: Labels of Men vs Woman and you

[email protected] : i love montale's black aoud, too....actually i never could understsnd why this one is labelled masculine so often....i find it very unisex, there is so much rose in this scent....another masculine one that i simply adore is habit rouge. currently i own the edt but am thinking of getting the edp version as well. it is so soft and cuddly in a nostalgic way. gorgeous.dior homme is very likeable, too, for us ladies, i think......and i like eau sauvage as a cologne-like alternative for the citrus genre.not to be forgotten : bel ami by hermes, i like spicy leather.

Suggestions for a patchouli-centric fragrance

...One of my favourite patch scents is "Vengeance Extreme" by Juliette has a gun.If you also like roses and leather then this one might be of interest for your search.Or "Fashion Decree" by Atkinsons. Lots of patchouli, also with roses but a bit more feminine. Both medium-sweet and definitely unisex (despite what their name might suggest).

Powerhouses: do you prefer them sweet or not?

...I like them both sweet and very unsweet.Sweet goes for orientals and florals, unsweet/bitter for chypres.A very sweet oriental powerhouse which I very much enjoy is i.e. "Aqaba Classic" (almost a twin of Opium) and an example for unsweet powerhouse might be "Azuree" or "Knowing", both by Estee Lauder.
<mark>PontNeuf</mark>PontNeuf   25.04.2015 | Perfumes & Brands

Weekly Scent Discussion #4: Caron, your thoughts

...My first experience with Caron was with their Parfum Sacré, back in my teenage days when I owned a miniature bottle *walkingdownmemorylane*. Very spicy and quite straightforward. I sort of liked it and still did not dare wear it.Years passed and when I was in my 30s I retried Parfum Sacré. Although I enjoy peppery notes a lot I could not become real friends with PS. Something was just not right (on my skin) be continued. I might dare another try a few years from now. It is definitely a very well done oriental fragrance.Currently I own Tabac Blonde. Now this one is more up my alley. There is quite a bit of aldehyde in the beginning but that soon changes into tobacco and a woody (sandalwood ?) scent. TB smells pure vintage to me although my bottle surely isn´t. This is what I imagine the great old Hollywood stars to smell like. Well, whenever I will visit Paris again then stopping by their boutique (Avenue Montaigne if I am not mistaken ?) is a must.
<mark>PontNeuf</mark>PontNeuf   22.04.2015 | Perfumes & Brands

LUSH UK vs US, US is getting no love!

...It´s been a long time since I last bought one of their soaps but recently I came across some comments on their perfumes which caught my interest.Yesterday I visited their store and took a sniff or two....or three :-)Well, I liked "Kerbside Violet" and "All good things" enough to bring a 10ml spray of each home.The violet is mixed with a big amount of iris, nice and earthy. Romantic but also somewhat gothic (I like all things gothic), like a steampunk flower juice :-) To be frank : it´s a killer violet. One of the sort that even experienced niche houses could not produce so to my knowledge at least.And "All good things" is close to unwearable but somewhat wearable nonetheless. It reminded me a lot of very expensive oud scents that sell for big bucks but are of no better quality than this one......It´s a contrast of sickly sweet rose and wood combined with bitter almond extract and burnt sugar and the perfume constantly switches between the two. Sweet. Bitter. Sweet. Bitter. It´s like an olfactory rollercoaster. Very interesting stuff and yes, pretty weird . If you have ever poked out your nose while being at a gas station ? I have and there is something in there that reminds me of such moments :-) I know I am a weirdo :-)They also had a citrussy scent called "Sun" which I will keep on my radar for the summer days.And yes, I fully agree : one spray is enough.
<mark>PontNeuf</mark>PontNeuf   19.04.2015 | Perfumes & Brands

Scent of the Day

<mark>PontNeuf</mark>PontNeuf   12.04.2015 | Miscellaneous

To be discontinued!

...Briarthorn:PontNeuf, How does Black Cashmere compare to the old formulation?I once owned the old bottle of BC (which looked like a black stone) but never tested the new one in the slender bottle. Sorry, I cannot make a comparison.
<mark>PontNeuf</mark>PontNeuf   12.04.2015 | Miscellaneous

What is your "Holy Grail" of perfume?

...If any scent could be a signature for me it surely will be "Azuree" by Estee Lauder.Due to its recent reformulation and new presentation in a different bottle I suddenly realized how much I love this perfume. I had to get 2 back-up bottles additionally to my almost full current one....otherwise I would have had nightmares on being without one day.
<mark>PontNeuf</mark>PontNeuf   04.04.2015 | Miscellaneous

To be discontinued!

...Estee Lauder now sell some of their classics in new bottles *shivers*...which makes me think of reformulations.Well, my beloved "Azuree" was not the same in the new bottle. I have immediately stocked up another bottle of the (now) vintage version. Cinnabar is affected, Alliage, Estee and Spellbound.I am sad. :(
<mark>PontNeuf</mark>PontNeuf   27.03.2015 | Perfumes & Brands

Hermès perfumes

...I recently discovered "Bel Ami" by chance....a random sniff at the Hermès counter, not expecting anything but woah ! what a scent. It literally blew me away. Very masculine indeed but simply irresistible to my nose. Had to have it right away. The vetiver version is wonderful, too.Also Hermès favourites of mine : Un jardin sur le Nil. Will never get tired of this one. I usually wear heavy oriental bombs but whenever I need something "airy" and "fresh" I usually choose this one.Or "Voyage d´Hermès". Spicy and unobtrusive.I am still undecided whether "Calèche" is something for me. To me it is nostalgic, soapy and very ladylike. Something that smells like the women in "Mad Men"....... I think I might enjoy this one."Rouge d´Hermès" is nice, too but for sandalwood I simply prefer Chanel´s "Bois des Iles" and Guerlain´s "Samsara" over RdH. Two more than decent alternatives simply win over this one.For some time I wore the famed "Ambre Narguilé". I got tired of it some day and gave away my little travel-size bottle. Too foody, too much of all good things actually. At least for the time being...I might change my mind again....but I guess I´d try my luck rather with "Lann Ael" (hope the spelling is not too far off).
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