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Recommendations for a wedding fragrance
Prankz 02.08.2021 | Perfume Recommendations
...Hello folks, hope you are all doing well ☺️I'm looking for recommendations for a fragrance to wear at a wedding that I'm due to attend at the end of August.To be clear, I do have a fragrance collection already - here it is. I started collecting properly during last year so I'm still learning. Do I already have the perfect summer wedding guest "scent"? If so which one?I also don't mind purchasing a new frag to wear for this upcoming event. So what frag that I don't own would you recommended?Thanks!
1 year ago
Perfume recommendation for my mum
Prankz 28.09.2020 | Perfume Recommendations
...Hello everyone, hope you are all keeping well :)I need help in choosing a perfume for my mum who is nearly in her 70s. What would you recommend?Thanks!
2 years ago