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Coca-Cola like fragrance recommendation

Re: Coca-Cola like fragrance recommendation
...Jasmin17Hello everyone! I am searching a Coca-Cola like fragrance. Could you recommend a fragrance which smells like Coca-Cola at middle or base notes? I know it is not a tipical kind of scent that everyone can like but my boyfriend asked for it ๐Ÿ˜ He likes that kind of fragrances Thank you very much ๐Ÿ˜ŠHello there! Paris L.A by Lab on fire has a distinct Coca Cola note along with other gourmand notes! Oud Bleu Intense by Fragrance du Bois also gives me some Coca Cola vibes with lemon added as well as Edenfalls by Micallef also has an effervescent Coca Cola thing going on! Hope this helps! Many hugs ๐ŸŒธ

Scents for Cigarette Smokers

...Thank you so much for your input! So Sorry I somehow missed the part of your post about the leather! Some notes just clash with each other for us so I totally get what you say! Everyone has his own perception of scents and that is in my opinion the beauty of perfumery! How nice that you found a cheaper alternative of your favorite tobacco vanille! Tabac Rouge sounds lovely on its own. Let us know if you discover anything else! Hugs

What is your favorite vetiver fragrance?

...One of the best I 've tried is Vetiver Sensuel by Mancera ๐Ÿฅฐ

Scents for Cigarette Smokers

...I always thought that fragrances with leather really compliment the scent of smoke. To my nose at least. If they are also combined with a bit of fruit (cherry & tobacco for example) even better. In my imagination it should be a minty/patchouli/leather concoction with a warm heart. Some suggestions L Homme ideal EDP GuerlainDior FahrenheitOre SlumberhouseBDK Rouge Smoking Kilian Back to blackPS: Off topic, since I m new here can I ask how you insert the links to the perfume page? Thank you so much ๐ŸŒธ

fragrance for office

powdery and clean scents mainly
...Hi I m using powdery and clean scents a lot in the office! Jil Sander Simply Poudree Escentric Molecules Molecule 01Love Chloe Intense Pure Musk Narciso Rodriguez <3

Which is your favorite from these houses!?

...GreMuserI would like to help, but actually I'm myself waiting to discover Penhaligon's Sartorial and Halfeti! They are the most talked/hyped, let's see! Another one must be Blenheim Boquet... Despite being more on the male side, for what I understood from YT reviews all are 'classics' smell that could be considered unisex (like the Acqua di Parma), but take it with a grain of salt since I've not tried them yet :)That's great, I already have Halfeti and it is a beautiful unisex scent leaning a bit masculine! Thank you very much for your input about Sartorial and Blenheim Bouquet!

Which is your favorite from these houses!?

...Penhaligon's & Diptyque !

Darkest smell...Halloween style

Re: Darkest smell...Halloween style
...PioWhich perfume would you consider the darkest- Dracula type of scent - you have ever smelled?Three perfumes come to my mind: Black AfganoBlack Orchid Terroni...Thoughts?Nice selections, I also think Tom Ford Noir de Noir is dark and earthy, it smells of dark rose infused with the essence of soil. :)