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<mark>Smellitivity</mark>Smellitivity   18.04.2013 | Miscellaneous

Living well is the best revenge...

...I have to admit that I wear most of my perfumes for the image I want to project on a given day. Sure I like them, and sure I wear them "for myself," but "how do I want to smell today?" is what I ask myself most of the times. Except for two of them, which I can say I wear for myself only, with no pressure of an image to project (that's my idea of living well, I suppose), and they are Allure Homme Sport Cologne (not to be confused with the EdT) and the dear old Brut splash-on lotion (now owned by Unilever). Both very inexpensive and very uplifting.
<mark>Smellitivity</mark>Smellitivity   18.04.2013 | Miscellaneous

Worst mismatch between fragrance name and scent?

...Hugo Boss Just Different: they should have called it Just The Same :D