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<mark>Sonnenfee</mark>Sonnenfee   30.01.2012 | Miscellaneous

Which masculine scents can be worn by a woman?

...Sherapop:DieNase:True, but why woman = flower and man = wood?Yes, these are conventions. Of course we parfumistas refuse to observe them and wear whatever we like!!! 8)YES!!! :D
<mark>Sonnenfee</mark>Sonnenfee   30.01.2012 | Miscellaneous

Comments on perfumes: compliments and insults

...DieNase:Sometimes I wonder if I don't apply enough or if people don't like it and are just too polite to say something. Well, actually I wear fragrance to please myself not to others and don't necessarily want others to smell me - unless I go clubbing. But sometimes it would be nice to have a feedback in order to make sure I don't overapply.I love scents that don't scream "I wear perfume" but just make you smell good, that are subtle and somehow carnal in a way people might think it could be my natural smell that is so sexy - e.g. "Eau Sauvage" or "Déclaration"...To please myself, I agree, that`s the cardinal reason for me to wear perfumes.Complainments are very rare,but if in case of them, I can live with that.A few days later the same person likes another perfume on me. I just stay by myself :D
<mark>Sonnenfee</mark>Sonnenfee   30.01.2012 | Miscellaneous

Which masculine scents can be worn by a woman?

...Sometimes I don´t like fragrances which are too sweet or too flowery, too soft, whatever.Then I prefer almost neutal unsweet fragrances with less flowers and more woods instead of sweetness.Too many spices or resinoids I don´t like either.I found some male fragrances for me, like: "Infusion D`Homme", "Allure Homme Edition Blanche", "Black For Him", Etienne Aigner "No2", "Bulgari Pour Homme".GOOD smelling experiences! :D
<mark>Sonnenfee</mark>Sonnenfee   30.01.2012 | Perfumes & Brands

Scent of the Day

..."Allure Homme Edition Blanche" :D
<mark>Sonnenfee</mark>Sonnenfee   01.01.2012 | Miscellaneous

What perfume have you bought recently?

...Loving musky fragrances, now it is "Musk Etro".