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<mark>Sorceress</mark>Sorceress   22.08.2015 | Miscellaneous

Weekly Scent Discussion #18: Many or just a Few?

...It's odd sometimes how others will react to how many perfumes they find out I own. They can't seem to wrap their heads around the number at all. I've seen ladies show me their trays of perfumes that contain roughly 12-15 bottles and they are overwhelmed with that amount. But they don't look at perfumes in the same way that I do. For them, they simply pick up a bottle, spritz some on their decolletage, and they're good to go. They'll tell me their SO purchased it for them, so it's special for them. Ok, that's their version of enjoying fragrance. It's definitely not mine.I look at all of my bottles, my minis, even my notes on what I've sampled, as a sort of reference library. This is my hobby. It's what I do to relax, to give myself peace of mind, to take myself away. I truly enjoy perfume. What's even more fun for me, is using those perfumes in layering and creating new scents for myself out of what I already own. This past summer, I took a few months to create my own perfume from my own fragrances and my own fragrant oils. It was a labor of love and pure enjoyment of fragrance. The end result was something I can truly call my own.I use all of my fragrances, I love my hobby. It brings me happiness and that's all that matters to me. I'm always on the look-out for others to add. Why? Simply because of the sheer enjoyment and pleasure. This is what I have chosen. Others choose their hobbies, spend their dollars and people don't bat an eye because their hobbies are considered main-stream. Some people gamble at casinos and throw their money away, and still others consider that pleasurable. Perfumes are my vice, I enjoy their artistry through photography, through smell and through creating.
<mark>Sorceress</mark>Sorceress   24.11.2014 | Perfume Discussions

Batch-Code Checker for fragrances

...RebeccaS:Thanks for sharing, nice alternative to existing sites. Unfortunately many brands are fake (grey in the list). When I choose such brand, the site says it is not supported, but why is it displayed in the list then? I still trust more to this batch code checker: http://checkcosmetic.netThe brands in gray are this: "The selected brand is not supported by can support the development of software by sending the found batch number. This information will help us improve the program." I found this particular checker to have certain brands that others do not. Of course, using alternative ones will cover all brands, and you should have the codes covered for anything, hopefully."
<mark>Sorceress</mark>Sorceress   23.11.2014 | Miscellaneous

Allure's "Scent Of Desire" videos

...Allure has these videos on YouTube called "Scent Of Desire" where they blindfold people and have them describe the people they are smelling. Has anyone seen them? Here is a link to the first one: you blindly describe someone by smelling them?
<mark>Sorceress</mark>Sorceress   09.11.2014 | Miscellaneous

Which masculine scents can be worn by a woman?

...I much prefer "Spicebomb" over "Flowerbomb". Givenchy "Pi" is another. Elizabeth Taylor's "Passion for Men" has a different flavor that appeals to me rather than her "Passion" marketed for women. I'm not a floral person and never have been. I run the other way if a perfume is full of floral notes...
Ambre III: Naiad - Alkemia
<mark>Sorceress</mark>Sorceress   08.11.2014 | Miscellaneous

Perfume oils - dabbed vs. sprayed

...I have two of the Al-Rehab oils and one of the Al-Rehab eau de Perfume natural sprays. I am finding the oils very unusual to work with, despite all the accolades from others. I agree, the oils take very long to get a result, perhaps I am too lazy to wait for a result, but I just don't enjoy the drydown as I do with a regular perfume. On top of that, I must put my nose to my skin just to get some type of idea of what I am really smelling for one called Dalal, which is a lemony butter cookie type of gourmand, and the other is very similar in being a skin scent, but it does radiate a bit better (Alauddin), which is a darker liquid that reminds me of almonds, woods and perhaps oud. It's definitely unisex. They are so inexpensive I didn't mind seeing what they were about. Now as far as the eau de perfume natural spray, I have Organdy, which is very similar to a cross between Organza and Organza Indecence. Now this one lasts a few hours and I'd love to find a matching oil. For $8, it was well worth it. I'm not really into the oil craze now that I've tried it, but I do like the perfume sprays.
<mark>Sorceress</mark>Sorceress   06.08.2014 | Miscellaneous

The Parfumo Travel Guide!

...That's exactly what she does, because she used to work in the industry. Plus, she works on the perfume to get it to your specs, not some generic ideal, which is fantastic. When I sat down and started, she told me not to worry about taking my time. She said for me, it would take a number of But I've had so much fun! Imagine designing your own's really heaven.
<mark>Sorceress</mark>Sorceress   06.08.2014 | Miscellaneous

The Parfumo Travel Guide!

US - Scranton, Northeast Pennsylvania
...Should anyone ever visit the Poconos in Northeast Pennsylvania (USA), there is a boutique perfumery in a town called Scranton. It is called NOTE and is run by a woman who used to work with Firmenich. She creates perfumes now on her own, along with matching candles. But the best part of her shop is this. You can create your own perfume. You sit at a table where she has these little bottles of fragrance notes. You dip little paper strips into the bottles finding your favorite scents. You bundle them, wave the bundle in front of you and it creates the new scent. Eventually, you create your own perfect perfume unique to you. She then makes the perfume for you. So, for example, if you like vanilla, incense, myrhh, leather and tonka bean, she'll put these notes together in a perfume created just for you. She'll save the formula so you can re-order, too. What a fun place.NOTE Fragrances401 Spruce St.Scranton, PA 18503
<mark>Sorceress</mark>Sorceress   06.08.2014 | Miscellaneous

What are you waiting for in the mail right now?

...I'm waiting for a "Chapeau Bleu" , I love the bottle. The juice sounds wonderful, too.

A summer perfume for someone who loves heavy orientals?

...Hi NaughtyKitty,I also love orientals and the heavier the better. I live in an area with four seasons where my summers can get very hot. I dread it. I switched to plummy scents with amber bases this year and really enjoyed wearing them, but didn't give up on my beloved orientals. I looked for those that still had an oriental flair in the notes to give them lasting power. These are what have been working for me:"Seduction Dark Orchid" It's s dark, plummy amber that lasts forever."Angel Victoria's Secret" 2011 appears light at first, but has a definite staying power. I love the fruits mixed with spices. There is oud in it also. It's an interesting mix."Magie Noire" I dared to try this recently on a very warm evening and was pleasantly surprised. Very, very nice. A little dab will do ya, tho."Midnight Pomegranate" the EdP, has fruits, yes, but it also has tobacco and patchouli, along with other spices. It's incredibly long-lasting."Dark Kiss" has a beautiful incense, fruits, vanilla, amber and resin. Lasts wonderfully.Organdy by Al-Rehab, not yet in the databank, is an EdP natural spray. It's reminiscent of a cross between Organza and Organza Indecence for a fraction of the price. Spicy, moderately lasting and fills the need for an oriental. Spray a little now in the warm weather, heavier in the winter.These are some that I've been reaching for lately that have served my needs for heavier perfumes in the hotter weather that won't suffocate.
<mark>Sorceress</mark>Sorceress   15.06.2014 | Miscellaneous

Sense of Smell and Skin Chemistry - figment and myth?

...Interesting articles, Dulcemio. Thank you.30% is quite a difference, isn't it? Now, if only others would understand and appreciate this difference for what it actually is and realize not everyone can wear the same perfume and smell the same way. We may appreciate it on another, but on us, it just doesn't work out. No need to berate or constantly trash a perfume with words of negativity that don't actually describe it. (Unless it's really just that badly manufactured in some way, of course.)So many factors come into play when we wear our perfumes, we cannot please everyone, but only ourselves, really. We wear our perfumes and throw caution to the wind outside sometimes, never knowing who we might offend. The only time, it seems we are safe, is in our own homes, where we are free to spray away with abandonment. Outside, we are relegated to a spritz or two to enjoy on the sly so as not to offend a soul.

Sniff Fest: Orientals

...To be able to smell "Piesse & Lubin"...what dreams are made of, we can only imagine. How pure and unencumbered this potion must have been. I wonder, too, what type of woman wore it, since it seems a heavier perfume than we've been led to believe that women wore back then in the 1800's. I've always imagined women wearing the insipid floral waters that they dipped their handkerchiefs in courtesy Hollywood movies. Now I know real women existed that dared to exude raw sensuality. Thank you ScentFan, for these thoughts. I, too, love the orientals.
<mark>Sorceress</mark>Sorceress   31.05.2014 | Miscellaneous

What fragrance group/s do you prefer ?

...I enjoy everything except florals. My perfume choice depends on the weather that day, where I might be going, what i have to do. During the day, I'll reach for my chypres, heavier orientals, the stronger stock I own. Later on, I'll switch to my gourmands, and usually at bed, use a light gourmand to drift off.Owning so many, I'll wear a few different ones daily. But to answer the question of preference, no, I enjoy them all, ezcept those heavy on rhe floral notes only.
<mark>Sorceress</mark>Sorceress   25.05.2014 | Miscellaneous

What new perfumes have that 'classic' potential?

...I think "Hanae Mori/Butterfly" has the potential. Elegant, has many beautiful qualities.
<mark>Sorceress</mark>Sorceress   22.05.2014 | Miscellaneous

Which perfume will be your next buy ?

...A simple "Hypnotic Poison" is on my list for my birthday.
<mark>Sorceress</mark>Sorceress   13.05.2014 | Miscellaneous

What perfume have you bought recently?

..."Pulse NYC""Night""Champagne/Yvresse""Alfred Sung Shi""Glamourous Daylight""Anniversary""Prada Amber""Tiffany""Meliora""Montana Parfum d'Elle"
<mark>Sorceress</mark>Sorceress   06.05.2014 | Miscellaneous

Spring is in the air!

...I happened upon a bottle of "Balenciaga Paris L'Essence" and in this cool spring we're having I'm rather enjoying it. It's woodsy and cool and deep enough for me. I've also found two others that I'm enjoying. "Bill Blass", a vintage with some florals that for me isn't so much a floral but more with spices and woods. Also, "Halston Woman", which is a very light woody rose.
<mark>Sorceress</mark>Sorceress   06.05.2014 | Miscellaneous

What perfume have you bought recently?

..."Halston Woman""Reem Acra""Balenciaga Paris L'Essence""Twilight Woods""Cashmere Glow""Bill Blass""Gold""New York Yankees For Her""Beverly Hills Polo Club Sexy Joy""Beverly Hills Polo Club Sexy Sheer""Beverly Hills Polo Club Sexy Hot"
<mark>Sorceress</mark>Sorceress   14.04.2014 | Miscellaneous

What perfume have you bought recently?

..."Shades" I picked up. Seems like a nice herbal scent for the spring.
<mark>Sorceress</mark>Sorceress   08.04.2014 | Miscellaneous

What's your ultimate pick-me-up perfume?

...Without a doubt, two that always make me feel good are "Dolce & Gabbana Intense" and "Dior Addict". They always make me feel good.
<mark>Sorceress</mark>Sorceress   08.04.2014 | Miscellaneous

Canvas & Concrete

...Similar concept to using a very thin veil of vaseline, I suppose. But I agree, I'd like to know the ingredients, too.
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