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Do you dare to don "Exceptional"? Exceptional Because You Are - Exceptional
TimmyJ 27.11.2013 | Perfumes & Brands
...The Exceptional.....for men isn't that bad. Smells like Love & Luck by Ed Hardy. I'd wear it on a hot day, but i would never actually purchase any. With so many fragrances out there i can't imagine anyone would actually PAY for a bottle of this.
11 years ago
do cheaper scents require more applications?
TimmyJ 27.11.2013 | Perfume Discussions
...I also am a smoker, and i think that it really does diminish your sense of smell ( and taste).
9 years ago
Le Mâle too chawy? Le Mâle (Eau de Toilette) - Jean Paul Gaultier
TimmyJ 21.11.2013 | Perfumes & Brands
...I use Cuba Gold as an alternative. Same smell, just much lighter. Plus, it's like $10 for 3.4 oz.
11 years ago