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Scent of the Day

...Chabaud Vintage - I'd quite forgotten how very pretty this is
<mark>Tinctureall</mark>Tinctureall   09.12.2015 | Miscellaneous

Do you have a dog-walking perfume?

...I find it a good time for trying new samples (especially challenging ones) that have just been sent because I always wash my hands when we get back so it gets removed soon. Excepting one. I wore the Bogue Maai one day when it was really cold and it got onto the sleeve of my jacket. It was there for a long time.

Eeau d'Orange Vert or Concentre d'Orange Vert

...They are both lovely, but the non concentrated version is fresher in my personal opinion. I will add that it is a superb and classy classic scent on a man and equally lovely on a woman.Tip.. If you want a little longevity with this one, then layer a tiny unnoticeable amount of Terre d'Hermes underneath or Eau des Merveilles.

Weekly Scent Discussion #10: Violets: How do you classify?

...I would say that violet seems a predominantly manly perfume note. Particularly in the earlier 17th and 18th Centuries. The violet was firmly in the court of the dandy.It is reputed that Napoleon has two quarts of violet cologne delivered to him every week. Now he was a true perfumista indeed.

Weekly Discussion #11: Celebrity Scents. Let's analyze.

...Fascinating discussion. My pennyworth is that it is probably not worth judging them by genre. They are a group that is unashamedly aimed at the teen or late teen market and therefore will have an abundance of the chemical sugary fruitfest that perhaps is best avoided in general...however...These are serious perfumes from the angle of their creators desiring them to be of mass appeal, mass acceptability and massive profitability. Not much really that isn't general to most of the perfumery world except perhaps the uber niche creators who are after the artistic angle only.Having ascertained that big money is usually behind the creation, it therefore follows that the big money can usually afford a decent perfumer. It should therefore follow that actually if you can disregard the probably dreadful brief, that there may indeed be the occasional perfume that really ought to be rather good. If no names and no bottles were attached and we were all blind testing, the results might be rather surprising.In the good old days, the likes of Coty, Dana and even good old Avon, were very much of this genre and we look at some of them as the goddesses of vintage now. I'm thinking Coty Emeraude here.Keep your perfumista minds open if you don't want to miss the gems. They may be few and far between, with hideous names and bottles to boot... but between us all .... we will find them ....

Asafoetida in Perfumery. Discuss?

...Perfumery.... a source of eternal fascination. The stinkier the better in my books. I shall immediately procure some today to smell for myself what these facets are, that have such a use for perfumery.Also many more ordinary kitchen ingredients get used in perfumery that might be unexpected, such as the cepes, and of course many, many spices that cross into (or from) cookery territory. In the light of this, not so surprisingly, onion and garlic are available as fairly ordinary essential oils. I am led to believe that fenugreek is the mystery ingredient in a certain famous numerical perfume. I have no proof of that, but truly fascinating anyway. True or not.
<mark>Tinctureall</mark>Tinctureall   07.01.2015 | Miscellaneous

DIY - who has created a nice perfume for themselves?

...Yes, and I think you would get what you paid for... . You may be lucky enough to get a reasonable result if the ingredients chosen were extremely compatable.Most private perfumers would charge for their time to make the perfume and to take proper care of its construction to suit the customer. Perfumes take a long time and some skill to make. It is a fun idea though.

Laura Ashley No 1 (2012)

...I haven't tried the new one but remember loving the original. Have you got the old to do a side by side?

Let's talk musk - any suggestions?

...Omni:And to follow on the musk oil has a limited shelf life and must be used quicklyA little surprising thought about musk.... I have Houbigant Musk vintage and it is as good as the day it was bought.
<mark>Tinctureall</mark>Tinctureall   28.08.2014 | Miscellaneous

EU amendment to sharpen restrictions on fragrance allergens

...Reading that last article makes me sick to my stomach. How dare they (IFRA and the EU) ruin generations of tradition because of such ridiculous fancies. It breaks my heart to read that.
Noble Fig - Ferrari

Some thoughts on fig leaf

...I second the Chabaud. It is one of the best renditions of a fig tree that I have come across.

Sophie Chabauds range of perfumes.

...Thank you to Mia for the chance to try all these Chabaud perfumes. Sophie Cabaud has a wonderfully light touch with her perfumers palette. I would say she paints extremely good and accurate photorealistic scenes but always in watercolours. Accurate yet pale.Her perfumes titles often say it all and you will never be disappointed. They do what it says on the box. They were mostly not actually to my own perfume taste but her skills could not be denied. My only criticism was the low volume. They are very lovely and very polite. All extremely wearable and all suitable for the office and daywear. Nothing wrong in that at all.However......Sophie if you are reading this. I would love to see you put a very naughty hat on for a little while and just for a bit of fun, explore your really wicked sense of humour using your obviously very special perfumers talents. I would like to see you metaphorically paint your colours in oils for a while not watercolours. Paint such a scene as a wicked prostitute who goes out for a wild night and is bad, bad and triple bad. Paint a wild and raging sea. Paint a forest full of wild and bad creatures who really bite and hurt. I think you have the potential to be the perfumer who has the skill to make the next Chanel 5 but only if you take your good girls hat off and stamp on it. I dare you.If there is anyone in the UK who want to be in the sample queue for these, then please let me know. UK best for postage reasons. England is a beast for sending perfumes outside these days. Only some get through.
<mark>Tinctureall</mark>Tinctureall   19.06.2014 | Miscellaneous

A question to native English speakers: sillage

...Just don't spell it with only one LSilage = fermented cow fodder of grasses which absolutely reeks to high heaven. (Sort of correct anyhow)
<mark>Tinctureall</mark>Tinctureall   16.06.2014 | Miscellaneous

Sense of Smell and Skin Chemistry - figment and myth? burps.... eeeuwTuberose based perfumes usually smell like old plant vase water on my skin. The vase that has been left waay too long and is festering gently. I do like tuberose on others but it doesn't like me.
<mark>Tinctureall</mark>Tinctureall   03.05.2014 | Miscellaneous

Anyone know the Décant Shop?

...Someone on badger and Blade mentions Adriana you look at how many times this poster pushes this site, then how high is the probability that the poster is one and the same person (or very nearby)?
<mark>Tinctureall</mark>Tinctureall   01.05.2014 | Parfumo Research

Parfumo Received Written Warning

...Where are old fashioned manners? Trouble always seems to be about grabbing some money…. and not caring what wake of damage or expense is caused to others. Silly woman should just have had a quiet word with S**** and they might have settled with a payment anyhow if she had a point. This sort of thing makes everyone dig their heels in and only the lawyers win. I suppose that is the real purpose.

What are your favorite Rose perfumes?

...Rose et Noir, Miller Harris. Just been testing this one. I quite like this as a darker rose. I might obtain a proper sample and dirty it up a bit with a smoky note to see what happens. I rarely wear rose perfumes because they are often a bit fluffy bunny on my skin but this darker one is more savoury than sweet. Only had a spray tester, so need to try again. That is surely a good sign.
<mark>Tinctureall</mark>Tinctureall   17.07.2013 | Miscellaneous

What new perfumes have that 'classic' potential?

...I will add the new Diorling. Probably doesn't count in this thread as it is already a proper classic, but the new one, although not a patch on the vintage, is still a dry and useful chypre to wear daily or for formal wear. I'm finding I repeatedly wear it as a trusty workhorse when I need to grab something out of the cupboard in a hurry without any decision making. Also have been asked what was the lovely perfume I was wearing. A sure sign of a real classic.
Lyric Rain - Strange Invisible Perfumes
<mark>Tinctureall</mark>Tinctureall   12.07.2013 | Miscellaneous

Random blabbering in defense of natural ingredients

...Only a member of IFRA has to comply to IFRAs rules. If the perfumer is not a member then they can use whatever they like. The more people who obey, then the stronger the rule becomes. We should be safeguarding the freedom of ingredients with a label saying what is inside. Then the consumer has the full choice whether to buy or not. The beauty of natural perfumery is already in grave danger with this over regulation.
Femme (1989) (Eau de Toilette) - Rochas

Rochas rebranding three classics

...These weren't the best. Mystere was.I don't know why any perfume company bothers relaunching something under the same name that cannot possibly, nor would it be allowed to, smell the same. Just make a new one and be done with it. Make a direct descendant perfume if they really have to adopt the same, but please not more chemical clones. Pah!
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