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<mark>Trucklady</mark>Trucklady   26.06.2019 | Perfume Discussions

How much is too much?

...AFreimann:Good morning, folks. I am a total savage. Just this morning, I doused myself with five - yes, five - sprays of Dior Addict (2014), and this is typical behavior for me. I can't even admit how many times I'll spray a much lighter fragrance!I am with you on this. It does depend on where I am and what I am doing, though. 4 sprays of most scents, one if it is a Francesca Bianchi scent or Bouquet Oud, or upwards of 5 for many others. My work environment is a smelly one. Burnt clutches, brake pads, diesel and BO in summer. Many perfumes are totally overwhelmed by these environmental smells, so I have to go a bit loud. At home, I tend to stick to more conservative spray levels.
<mark>Trucklady</mark>Trucklady   22.06.2019 | Miscellaneous

What's the most popular in your country?

...I am only guessing, based on what I see on shelves in the bigger stores and what I smell on people.Older women: Red Door, Far Away by Avon, J'AdoreYounger women: Flowerbomb, Black Opium, Cloud by GrandeOlder men: Bleu de Chanel, Burberry London, Hugo Boss (any)Younger men: One Million, La Nuit de la Homme, Aventus
<mark>Trucklady</mark>Trucklady   16.06.2019 | Perfumes & Brands

Need help identifying this, please.

...Wow! Thank you, Cryptic.
<mark>Trucklady</mark>Trucklady   15.06.2019 | Perfumes & Brands

Need help identifying this, please.

...Hi! I got this perfume as part of a bundle. I am guessing it is 5-10ml. Has no names, no stickers etc. Definite old school with an ambery accord and the musk used in Bal a Versaille. Dry down of jasmine and tiny bit of oakmoss. Have you an idea what it might be?
<mark>Trucklady</mark>Trucklady   03.06.2019 | Miscellaneous

Flowers in perfumes

...Teone Reinthal does a lot of work with real flowers, spices etc. Her work is all natural.

"Imagined" notes

...I caught myself thinking This is Him! by Zadig and Voltaire had patchouli, incenseand something else.

Osmanthus - Subtle Note Par-Excellence

...Ooooooh, my favourite osmathus is Dragonboat by TRNP (Teone Reinthal). I have to stop myself from drinking it. Such glorious stuff.
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...The infamous Salome by Papillon. I also get a mild cumin sense from Putain des Palaces by ELdO.
<mark>Trucklady</mark>Trucklady   30.05.2019 | Miscellaneous

Do you keep backups?

Must keep back up bottles
...Oi, I must have back ups of certain scents. There are a few reasons why. First are discontinued loves. I find price and availability are the two limiting factors here. My main back ups are from TRNP (Teone Reinthal Naturals), sinply because Teone reformulates things or stops making them. She finds some scents incomplete, or supplies dry up or change. I also have a couple of Guerlain back ups too. Second are easy to source scents I love and fear will be changed or cease production. Things like Paloma Picasso edp, Youth Dew, Arpege, No 19 edt etc. I no longer seek these in vintage form, as I love their modern version too, but fear reformulation...again. Last are the ones I use lots of, volume wise, and don't want to be without on a tight budget week. So, I buy them at super cheap prices when I see them and can afford them. Things like Chloe Nomade, La Vie Est Belle Eau Florale (now d/c) and Mon Guerlain. That way, I hope I will not be without access to that scent.
<mark>Trucklady</mark>Trucklady   25.05.2019 | Miscellaneous

Fragrances gifted to you, you don't love

...My children gave me My Burberry edt. I cannot stand the sweet pea note. Otherwise, it is lovely. The first perfume they have bought me, and I loathe it. Oh dear.