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Looking for a great signature scent

...If you could give a try to Amouage, you might be sorted once for all. But, if you would want to explore this world from the ground like most of us do, I would recommend trying Chanel's mass market line - Allure, and if you happen to be bit old school, Guerlain and Caron are still gold. Hope you find what you could adore.
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Highest quality

Re: Highest quality
...MrLawmanThe other day, I had a healthy discussion with a fellow perfume enthousiast about the metrics to determine the highest quality of smell of a perfume. We came to the following:We got rid of the price tag, the price per ml-ratio, the presentation, the brand and asked ourselves which smell (we used the word ''smell'' because of its neutrality) we liked the most. For me it is Oud Satin Mood by Francis Kurkdjian -- he choose Karagoz by Nishane. What are yours?I would love to hear them.House of Nicolai.
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chanel pour monsieur successor

Re: chanel pour monsieur successor
...Maxi5Hello friends / as According fragrances which you could compete for the throne left by Chanel Pour Monsieur Vintage ... Or similar to its great style, if possible fragrance designers name but I know it is difficult but not impossible ...sorry for my poor englishNone, sadly.The EDP version is plain bad.
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Perfume recommendation for my mum

Re: Perfume recommendation for my mum
...PrankzHello everyone, hope you are all keeping well :)I need help in choosing a perfume for my mum who is nearly in her 70s. What would you recommend?Thanks!Amouage Gold, if she likes bold perfumes. If not, then Chanel 1957.
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Fresh Longlasting Perfume

Re: Fresh Longlasting Perfume
...YSPerfumeryHello, so I love using floral fresh perfumes like Tiffany and Co. However it is not that long lasting which is disappointing. Does anyone know a long lasting fragrance that is fresh and modern and floral? Thank you 😊 Eau de Guerlain.
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According to my pictures, which perfume would suit me ?

Re: According to my pictures, which perfume would suit me ?
...LifeeHello ! 😊Sorry for the maybe stupid post, but for fun I want to know which fragrance you would pick for me according to my pictures ? 🙈I'm a shy, dreamy, soft, peaceful, romantic, carefree young woman, a little bit excentric, akward and childlike. Think Belle in Beauty And The Beast and a little bit Luna Lovegood ha ha. People say that I'm nice, cute, agreable, smiling, but sometimes too in my own world and a little bit weird. I like to feel pretty and classy. I'm totally not a "bossy" or "sexy" girl.I have to admit that I like when my perfume is noticeable and when I get compliments. I search an unique, very pleasant, whismical, fairy-like scent.I want to find MY perfume, THE perfume that is me in a bottle, that I will still wear i in 2, 5, 10 years ! I want a versatile and easy to wear one. Thanks in advance, see you 🙋🏼Chanel 1957. Timeless, in my opinion.
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Recommendations for extreme hot climate

Re: Recommendations for extreme hot climate
...MDbobHi all. I’m new here. Ok so I travel all over Mexico and Central America for my work. I am in varied climates and environments. Temperate to ridiculously hot and humid. From cities and towns to tropical rainforests and beaches. So, my question is, what works in EXTREMELY hot and humid climates for an active man? I’m talking about a climate where you sweat Just sitting in the shade. Many of the usual summer recs still seem to be a bit much for daytime (especially for outdoors). I have Allure Sport Extreme which seems to work fine for tropical evenings if not too hot (Also, Marly Layton if I’ll be in air conditioning or maybe on a date at night and not sweating my ass off.). My fall/winter fragrances I use when in the temperate highlands during winter. But I want something for those outdoor, ridiculously hot and sweaty days. Something that still gets compliments and good longevity if possible. I've got three for you:- Eau de Guerlain...long lasting for a citrus fragrance.- Cologne Sologne- Eau de Cologne...this one is absolutely brilliant!
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Best masculine rose fragrance

...1876 by Histoires de Parfum
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Recommendations for bright dry woods?

Re: Recommendations for bright dry woods?
...FantasmargDoes anybody have a suggestion for a dry woody fragrance that features no smoke/moss/fruits? While I have smelled some really nice "forest" scents that are quite balsamic or coniferous I am now looking for something simpler and less "dark" smelling.I am not so good with notes, but I think what I am looking for is probably Cedar. I tried Tam Dao EDP today and found it quite similar to what I am looking for, a bit flat but in a very calm way. Would love to try more options though! Thanks everyone :))It's hard to go wrong with Dia man by Amouage. Most wonderfully crafted.
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Recommendations for common ground

Re: Recommendations for common ground
...MilliexoHello!! I’m brand new here and excited to have found a community who enjoy scents as much as I do. I am looking for recommendations for a perfume that my husband and I will both love. It’s been tricky because we have very different taste in fragrance. I really love vetiver, woodsy, oud, musk, bamboo, sandalwood, bergamot. I have been known to wear men’s or unisex fragrances. Some of my favourites are: Le Labo Rose 31, Creed Aventus for him, Creed Aventus for her, Armani Babylon (the old formula) dolce and Gabbana light blue. My husband loves anything super sweet. Think Brittany Spears perfume, or pink sugar body spray. He also likes coco Chanel mademoiselle.I would love to find something that we both like :)You might also like to try Coromandel, Sycomore, 31 Rue Cambon, and Eau de Cologne from Chanel. Trip to Chanel Boutique is always fun, and they are typically never stingy in sharing samples. Hope you find a common ground.
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high end fragrance

Re: high end fragrance
...Allec05Hey I am looking for a new fragrance. My budget is about 450 euros.Wich brands have the highest quality ingedients of all. I second Guerlain, Chanel, and Serge Lutens and would add Amouage to the list too.
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Dupes - your top five

Affordable masterpieces
...1. Ajmal silver shade - clone of Creed Silver Mountain Water. This one is strong contender, can't be ignored. Very very close to SMW and has excellent longevity. This is for people who love metal note along with mountain breeze. So cooling, perfect for summers and gym. Might not be lady's favorite, but very enjoyable indeed.2. Rasasi Daarej - clone of Valentino V (now discontinued) This is hyped one and to some extent hype is justified. It is spicy sweet and is good for dates.3. Armaf club de nuit intense - clone of Tom Ford Noir De Noir, this one is bold in rose note and it is bit tarty and is excellent for intimate moments. Rose is sensual note anyway.4. Rasasi La Yuqawam Pour Homme - clone of Tom Ford Tuscan leather, perfect for winters for bringing out posh in you. Leathery fruity, I will never call it sweet personally due to strong leather presence but it has raspberry note. (Read somewhere it matters from how much distance you spray it and it does, shall spray from atleast 30 cm for evolution to middle notes faster which is the beautiful part)5. Coty Aspen for men - clone hybrid of Creed Green Irish Tweed and Davidoff Cool Water, this one takes you back to nature, and is very bright green bit synthetic (I have shared review on this one). Is it replacement to GIT, not at all. I love GIT which is more wearable, complex and rich.List is in order of my preference.

Oud ~ in search of the real deal

Oud - the mystery and the love
...Yes, most fragrances out there have synthetic Oud. Real Oud is rare and very expensive - one of the best Ouds are from Assam(India), Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand. Nonetheless, there are houses which make perfumes with real Oud in it, mostly middle eastern though. House of Rasasi has some good offerings, so has Ajmal and also niche house like Abdul Karim Al Faransi.Ones to try (cheap option 30-40 US dollars for 6 ml oil - Oud blends).Al Faransi - Sheikh Al Faransi (hidden gem), Oud al Amir (sweet), Oud Hindi (bit skanky but gets softer after wearing).Ones to try (bit expensive, 50 ml EDP for 130 US dollars)Rasasi Boruzz series - Rooh Al Assam Oudh, Rooh Al CambodiOnes to try (bit expensive, 3 ml oil for 65 US dollars)Ajmal - Dahnal Oud Sukraya, Dahnal Oud AlhanThanks,Vineet

Best masculine rose fragrance

For sensitive & strong man
...When I think of rose for a man, I think of Tom Ford Noir De Noir (and it's clone - Armaf Club De Nuit Intense for women) for the sheer mysteriousness and darkness that it brings, symbolizes character in a man. There are definitely more options which are more manly but this just is deeper than most. Keep smelling wonderful!

OUD fragrances "for dummies"

Excellent guide for Oud lovers
...Thanks for sharing the extensive information on Oud perfumes, Carlitos! :lol: This article contains such precious gems which most of us shall collect if they love Oud. Oud is genuinely amazing journey for anybody in fragrance community. This has been highly appreciated by kings, sultans and sheikhs in middle east and south east Asia. Pure Oud is rather rare and very expensive, but when used it is bound to do magic. The options you have suggested are treasured, and I would love to try them all. For me, Jacques Bogart One Man Show Oud Edition takes the cake, because of such widespread availability, price and oh my god! excellent scent. I find it magical.