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Highest quality

...Bandit pure perfume for me.
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Serge Lutens - Section d'or - TO BE DISCONTINUED !

...I’ve always wanted to buy l’incendiaire, but €450 is shooting a bit high. I personally think the SL is pushing the price disappointingly too high on their lines - Guerlain and Chanel come in less expensive! As the French say “they may consider us not as clients but as cows to milk.”
<mark>Xristfer</mark>Xristfer   28.02.2021 | Perfumes & Brands

What are your favorite Caron scents?

Re: What are your favorite Caron scents?
...Exciter76SilverStache:Last year, it was found out that they were discontinuing many perfumes from this illustrious house such as Nuit de Noel, Farnesiana, Tabac Blond, Poivre, etc... literally the whole line of classics. Very disconcerting knowledge to say the least....Well, please let us know what are you favorites!That's absolutely heartbreaking! I thought I read somewhere that William Fraysse, house perfumer Richard Fraysse's son, was bringing back the classics. Then again, that might be wishful thinking on my part.My favorites: · "Violette Précieuse"· "Pour Un Homme de Caron"· "Aimez-Moi", "Bellodgia"· "Pour Une Femme de Caron"· "Muguet du Bonheur"· "Parfum Sacré"· "Nocturnes"My favorite for many, many years now has been La Nuit de Noël. I even used splurge each end of November by going to the Caron boutique across from the Elysée in Paris. I started out about 20 years ago by buying the EdT version in the 200ml fillable bottle that got discontinued. Then I took the step to the perfume version, which I prefer since there’s a dry vetiver side that comes out. Last year I found out it had been discontinued and bought a few bottles off eBay. No chance of its coming back based on what I’ve been told in the stores...
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What is your favorite vetiver fragrance?

Re: What is your favorite vetiver fragrance?
...VmasterNow that spring is almost here, I am curious as to what your favorite vetiver fragrance is.I’ve always enjoyed vetiver in the winter, actually 😊. Nevertheless, my all-time favorite must by L.T. Piver’s original vetiver that came in a splash bottle (not the more recent version with the plastic gold cap). The original was very, very earthy - even to the point that I found it flat, but I think that flatness made it special, for me. L.T. Piver unfortunately stopped its production, and I was in a state of loss for a basic vertices scent. Yes, Guerlain’s is quite nice, but a bit too sophisticated to my liking. Then I happened onto Fragonard’s vetiver, which I’ve adopted.