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ZeZeZeZe   05.06.2018 | Perfume Recommendations

Apple for men

...Parfums de Marly Oajan.. Scent reminds me of those hot apple cinnamon pies at Mcdonalds. Classy scent.
ZeZeZeZe   28.10.2015 | Miscellaneous

Best looking designer bottle.

... weight & feel of this bottle makes you think your holding solid gold. Purchased this for the bottle alone. (Shame it's a skin scent from the very opening)also:Arabian Nights by Jesus Del PozoGucci Pour Homme IIDior Homme Intense/Parfum
Shalimar Parfum Initial - Guerlain
ZeZeZeZe   28.10.2015 | Perfumes & Brands

Is Guerlain discontinuing Shalimar Initial?

...If anyone has details on what the 'last' batch code reference number is, it would be appreciated. (Month/Year).I have a bottle ref: 4r01 (April 2014).. I would like to know if there have been any batches manufactured early 2015.
Valentino Uomo (2014) (Eau de Toilette) - Valentino
ZeZeZeZe   13.05.2014 | Perfumes & Brands

Valentino Uomo

...I sprayed this in-store a few weeks back & I did like it from what I recall. The bottle itself is worth the purchase.
MiaTrostMiaTrost   21.01.2014 | Perfume Discussions

Best web shops for samples

...service as well at- Neroli (HU)- Lulua (PL)- Süskind (CH)- Luckyscent (US)And in Oz there is a decent sample shop also, I learned; courtesy of ZeZe.- Scent Samples (AU...
PerfumecrazyPerfumecrazy   02.12.2013 | Miscellaneous

Oz website for decants/samples...

...Thanks ZeZe! Postage is $7.95 which is pretty good. The unit prices are comparable to the U.S. ones. And it's in WA. Good on them for starting up something like... not remember what I spayed on that spot. Love samples because you can live with the scent for a while and really get a feel for it.Thanks again ZeZe. Now, all we need is Scarletting's pre-loved perfume store and my niche store and we will be set! :lol...
TriffidTriffid   02.12.2013 | Miscellaneous

Oz website for decants/samples...

...ZeZe, I agree about the store sampling experience being less than ideal - I usually walk away queasy, confused and reeking of multiple, conflicting scents...
ZeZeZeZe   02.12.2013 | Miscellaneous

Oz website for decants/samples...

[email protected] MRoth - I agree, adding niche bottles will appeal to a broader audience. Not cheap to get into though.I find sampling in store doesn't give you the best experience (if you meant spraying on card or skin). I also tend to over sample when I'm in a store, curiosity gets the better of me.Having a sales rep breathing down your neck dulls the moment. @ Triffid - Prices adjust when you select the size you are after.
TriffidTriffid   02.12.2013 | Miscellaneous

Oz website for decants/samples...

...detective work ZeZe. Only yesterday we Aussies were discussing this very subject on another thread in the forum. Seems to be only popular celeb/designer, many of which I...
ZeZeZeZe   02.12.2013 | Miscellaneous

Oz website for decants/samples...

...I came across Scent Sample, a sample site based in Australia.. I thought I would share this with members from Oz who may be looking for a local site to grab some samples themselves. (Hope this isn't against the rules).I just received my purchase of 10 designer samples which arrived individually bubble wrapped & placed in a lovely gift box.
ZeZeZeZe   27.09.2013 | Perfume Recommendations

Boozy fruits

...A*Men Pure MaltSmells like those cherry liquor chocolates when u split them open.[IMG][/IMG]
ZeZeZeZe   27.03.2013 | Perfumes & Brands

Guerlain showcasing their most expensive scents

...Recently I was at sydneys exclusive Westfields located on Pitt Street in Sydney.I went to purchase 'Guerlain Tonka Impériale' from the Guerlain booths located in both Myers & David Jones (2 of the biggest retailers in Australia), neither Guerlain booth any in stock. They told me they sold out since they only stock 3 items of any Guerlains top end fragrances. I find it weird & yet intriguing to see such a limited amount of stock held by Guerlain, especially a both located at a prestigious shopping complex like that of Westfields on Pitt street which is jammed packed every day by locals & tourists.Is this a world-wide by Guerlain to keep the fragrances limited & exclusive?I had to leave my name & number so they could call me when their next set of 3 of T.I order arrives lol. I might try find a better deal online, seeing as the price was $295aud from these retailers.
ZeZeZeZe   11.08.2012 | Miscellaneous

Which perfume will be your next buy ?

ZeZeZeZe   02.02.2012 | Miscellaneous

What perfume have you bought recently?

...Hajar Al Aswad by Surrati & Arabian Nights by Jesus Del Pozo (Been 3 weeks still haven't arrived from UAE)*edit*Arrived now.. Time to play with them :D
ZeZeZeZe   25.01.2012 | Perfumes & Brands

Scent of the Day

...The Golden Secret by AB