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NerysNerys   10.05.2019 | Miscellaneous

Blind Buys - Are you a risk taker? Best + Worst Experiences

...cItypark:For me it is not necessarily an urge to blind buy but a "necessity" when one can not test the perfumes. Many perfumes I am interested in are not in...
cItyparkcItypark   06.02.2015 | Miscellaneous

Blind Buys - Are you a risk taker? Best + Worst Experiences

...For me it is not necessarily an urge to blind buy but a "necessity" when one can not test the perfumes. Many perfumes I am interested in are not in perfume shops, yes I could order samples, but when in the EU it is annoying with all the regulations and extra taxes and not all online sellers ship to here... So, I actually bought many bottles blind.

Leather chypres

..."Trussardi Donna (1982) / Trussardi White" as others have already mentioned is a great leather chypre. It is not butch and the leather joins in with the oakmoss, really refreshing.
cItyparkcItypark   26.04.2014 | Miscellaneous

Scents From Hell - The Most Beautific Perfumes

...Cryptic:"Alien" is completely unwearable IMHO.For me it is also unwearable - however, some of the flankers are really good.
cItyparkcItypark   23.03.2014 | Perfumes & Brands

Scent of the Day

...Memoria by Tony Moly (South Korean cosmetic company),seems to be a dupe of J'adore by Dior.I definitely get bergamot, pear and a bit of melon at the start.I can not post a pic, but here is the Vietnamese website, where it is still available. It is discontinued in South Korea.
cItyparkcItypark   23.02.2014 | Perfumes & Brands

Jeanne Arthes Perfumes...

...I also like "Guipure & Silk". "Patchouli Sumatra" is good too, as is "Love Generation Rock" which smells like Givenchy's Ange ou Demon.I don't care for "Love Generation Arts", it is like Lady Million.
cItyparkcItypark   30.11.2013 | Miscellaneous

11 Iconic Perfumes of the 80s

...As a European I was/am not that acquainted with (all) US (teenage) fragrances, but I definitely remember Opium. I bought a bottle of Poison at a big department store off the Champs Elysées in Paris when it came out. I did not know Giorgio, Baby Soft or any of the imposters then. I would like to add Loulou by Cacharel, another big white floral - it just seemed to fit our lifestyle then (still love it now). At that time I went through several bottles of Woman III by Jil Sander, another love. This has been taken from the market to be re-released (50ml bottle for the price of the former 100ml...the original goes for ridiculous prices on ebay). Otherwise I remember Ferré (original) and Byblos, both much more sweeter.
cItyparkcItypark   12.10.2013 | Perfumes & Brands

Scent of the Day

...Dune by Dior
cItyparkcItypark   02.10.2013 | Perfumes & Brands

Scent of the Day

...Tuvaché: Jungle Orchid - creamy, flowery, sweet... obviously discontinued
cItyparkcItypark   28.09.2013 | Perfumes & Brands

Scent of the Day

...Ivoire de Balmain - a soft, green chypre.
cItyparkcItypark   08.09.2013 | Miscellaneous

Which masculine scents can be worn by a woman?

...Today I was wearing Basile uomo by Basile and I liked it very much. I think women can wear men's colognes very well in most cases. I like them for business and outdoors or for when things have to get done. So, in a certain sense they seem to underline masculine qualities, but you can also say that about certain feminine chypres; and I don't think it's running away from the own gender identity, it might just enforce an aspect of our own personality.I also have Aramis and the last time I noticed a bit of sweet in the heart notes, it seemed to be nearly better wearable than Cabochard. However there are some I don't like on myself, the fougère type maybe?
cItyparkcItypark   22.08.2013 | Miscellaneous

Which perfume will be your next buy ?

...I want to get Mitsouko EdP and Datura Noir.Others I am planning on are Piguets (Fracas? Bandit? Baghari?), Narcisse Noir (if I can find it) and maybe No.5 (but which concentration?).
cItyparkcItypark   19.08.2013 | Miscellaneous

The classiest scent in your wardrobe

...Probably a vintage Fame de Corday, smells divine, but only a few drops left.