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Perfumes for bedtime wear? L'Eau Neuve - Lubin
jtd 22.07.2012 | Miscellaneous
...I love to wear heavy, lush fragrances to bed. For me it's not about the calming or the cleansing. It's about wrapping myself up in something and ushering in expansive dreams. I wear love rose chypres at night--Knowing, la Nuit, La Perla, Paloma Picasso, Aramis 900. Also some of the early Guerlain orientals--Vol de Nuit, Shalimar, l'Heure Bleue. When i do want that 'still wet from the shower' sparkly feel for bed, i sometimes like green fragrances: Guerlain's Vetiver, Grey Flannel, Private Collection, le Temps d'une Fete.
10 years ago
Leather chypres
...A few floral leathers that I love are P & G Cuir d'Iris, Heeley Cuir Pleine Fleur, Etro Gomma and Lancome Cuir. They might not be true chypres, but they're not far off base.
11 years ago