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TarTar 4 years ago
More heed to the Gods, more perfumes to us :-) Thank you very much for your comment on my review (Ambra Mediterranea).
StellaDiverFStellaDiverF 4 years ago
Hi Mia, thank you so much for the comment! I just started testing his attar and haven't yet reached to Aurum d'Angkhor, but Sohan d'Iris that I was wearing, I find it smooth, very nice-smelling, having the kind of rich, layered feeling but not in the synthetic, suffocating, heavy way. :)
FernandoBRFernandoBR 4 years ago
Thanks Mia! It's a great pleasure to be part of this community! Have a great week!
Cedlong1971Cedlong1971 4 years ago
Thank you for your welcome to Parfumo!
TattixTattix 4 years ago
Thank you Mia
ScentFanScentFan 4 years ago
Thanks for the comment, Mia. It's been ages since I wore Fortis. Fixing that today.
PljaskinPljaskin 4 years ago
Thank you Mia! :)
Thank you for the welcome!
AhmedsamAhmedsam 4 years ago
Thank you mia
Locking forward to learn from you
CymCym 4 years ago
Thanks for your kind welcome. I am just getting into the world of perfumes and looking forward to exploring as many as I can...
AortoniAortoni 4 years ago
Many thanks
It is a real pleasure
Very kind to give me the welcome
a cordial greeting
AsimfarrukhAsimfarrukh 4 years ago
Thanks for such a warm welcome..Hope to find all for which i joined this community for.
ToreterToreter 4 years ago
Sure i will enjoy the time here!!!
Thank you!
HarbuHarbu 4 years ago
Yes, indeed it is the Palast der Republik. In addition to perfumes I also have an interest in soviet architecture!
HarbuHarbu 4 years ago
Hello! Thank you for the warm welcome! :)
IrisalonsoIrisalonso 4 years ago
Thank you, I'm sure I'll have a great time!
MarmorisMarmoris 4 years ago
Hi Mia, thank you for the welcome message :)
KareninKarenin 4 years ago
Thanks a lot for the kind words, Mia. Take care! :-)
Nicole6870Nicole6870 4 years ago
Thank you for the welcome :-) I hope that you are in good health and spirits.
ApiciusApicius 4 years ago
Hello Mia, thank you, I am fine. Hope you are well too.
CrypticCryptic 4 years ago
Likewise! Especially "artsy banalities passed off as luxurious ingenuity." Burn! I'm not sure whether all the great noses and artistic directors are running out of ideas, or perhaps the recent drought has something to do with the constraints of the allergen restrictions? Either way, the pickings have been slim of late, but I agree that Le Sillage Blanc is a welcome bright spot. Au Coeur du D├ęsert was also a winner for me and something that might appeal to your discriminating nose, assuming you haven't tried it already. More importantly... how great to hear from you! I hope you're enjoying a most excellent summer. xo P.S.: It's always sunny in Philadelphia. ;)
41 - 60 by 134