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Franfan20Franfan20 How to trade in this forum! 11.07.2016, 22:42
Trade is permitted for private purpose only. It is not allowed to offer testers. Any trade is at your own risk.

State filling quantity and price for each offer. Please also indicate terms of shipment in your sales thread.

Bumping/Pushing a thread is not permitted.
If you wish to update your sales offer, edit its source text and add/amend the information in there accordingly.
Responses to your own sales thread are permitted for the following scenarios only: announce a (significant) change in price or addition to your listing.

The mods reserve the right to remove any offer or post not compliant with these regulations.

For more visibility, threads may be linked with the respective perfume. If the offer lists several scents, please go with your first entry.

Stay fair - one offer per item only. Listing one and the same item in multiple threads is not accepted and considered inadmissible pushing.

Once a thread is no longer required, we'd appreciate your indicating it may be closed, preferably via post. Please neither rename its title (as in "sold" or "done") nor delete its content. The thread shall remain available in the Archive for future reference.

We hope you'll enjoy the Souk!

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