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Filippo9669Filippo9669 Spicy, aromatic scent 19.02.2017, 13:27
I'm looking for a (warm) spicy, aromatic scent. I really enojoy amber, woody, balsamic, vanilla, tobacco and pepper notes, and my beloved scents are:
- YSL Opium EDT
- YSL Rive Gauche PH
- YSL L'Homme Parfum Intense (and most of L'Homme's line)
- Chanel Egoiste Platinum
- D&G The One
- Eisenberg J'ose
and, for the record, I also tried:
- Lalique Encre Noire
- Bentley Absolute
- Bvlgari Man in Black Orient
- Guerlain L'Homme Ideal EDP
- Joop! Homme
- Dior Homme

but none of them got me like "yes! that's what I've been looking for!". have you got any recommendations? thanks in advance!


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Rmf1112Rmf1112 Warm and spicy 21.02.2017, 01:21
Hey there, I recommend some of the other Bentley offerings? I think Bentley Intense or Infinite intense could be appropriate for your tastes. The Bentley Intense is a spicy rum with vanilla-like benzoin and leather. Great performer also. The Infinite Intense is like Terre d'Hermes with nutmeg.

I would also recommend Fan Di Fendi Assoluto, as it kind of reminds me of Opium, but with cardamom and myrrh. Quite warming and spicy.

Let me know what your thoughts are!

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Rmf1112Rmf1112 Also... 21.02.2017, 01:23
Also, have you tried Chanel Allure PH? I feel its like Opium light.

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MillanderMillander 06.01.2020, 14:29
Try Cacharel Pour Homme. Very nice spicy fragrance if you like clove as well. Similar fragrance is Loewe 7.

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