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Which fragrance is a Hype-king or Overhyped?

Overhyped 5 years ago
Terre D'Hermes is overhyped for me...

Forums everywhere seem to think this scent is amazing and I just don't understand it
5 years ago
No worries, SmartFred. Smile This is sort of a "Confess your unpopular opinion" topic, after all.
14 days ago

I got my nose on fragrances like because I heard about them and I like wearing men's fragrances from time to time but Aventus, Aqua Di Gio Profumo, La Nuit de L'Homme and Fahrenheit to me they smelt horrible. I was repulsed by them and yet people hype them to death they weren't what where cracked up to be just nope not to my tastes.

And some underhyped fragrances I enjoy:

Sauvage Parfum

Dior Joy

Poison Girl Unexpected

Poison Girl EDT

Flowerbomb Bloom EDT

Flowerbomb Dew EDP

Idole Aura

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