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Need help blind buying oud
Need help blind buying oud 16 Tagen vor

Hi there! Just wondering if anyone can assist in my dilemma. I purchased a bottle of Opulent Oud by Lattafa on a trip to Dubai. Unfortunately where I live in Australia the only option to buy is online. I absolutely adore Opulent Oud but would like to try something a little different but not far off this scent (sorry I cannot describe fragrances 😔)  .. perhaps not as intense. I have a few in my mind that I have not tried only read about . Please let me know if you have other suggestions. The range will be quite limited in Australia. 

Velvet Oud

Blue Oud

Opulent Musk


Hope someone can help I realise it’s very difficult to purchase blindly but I’m impatient and can’t  wait till the opportunity arises when I can visit Dubai again.  Cheers 😊 

15 Tagen vor 1

I am not actually familiar with any of the listed fragrances, but I like oud very much Smile I would suggest Midnight OudMidnight Oud (more sharp, but still very easy wearable) and Another OudAnother Oud (more sweet) by Juliette has a gun. Is the brand available at Your place?

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