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A Guide to Layering

A Guide to Layering 10 years ago
Elena Vosnaki has published another Guide to Layering in her blog website Perfume Shrine (by guest writer AlbertCAN).

Which are your favorite layering "recipes"?
10 years ago
Thanks Pipette for the to read.
10 years ago
I found this interesting and helpful.

Which brings me to the central theme of fragrance layering: the preferred method is to involve citrus-based or simply light-handed fragrances, as they are flexible enough to meld with the bolder fragrances—and always heaviest first and the lightest last. As I have mentioned with all-citrus fragrances one can layer 3 fragrances effortlessly, but if a heavy oriental, classic aldehyde floral or a chypre I would first try with two fragrances. I would also recommend:
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